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World Of Tanks Magazine #Issue 3

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Dear Commanders,

On this day, we release the third (very mighty number) Issue of our Magazine (ignored by the EU staff..). I want to thank all of you, who wrote emails/feedbacks on our email.( houseofilosz@gmail.com ) It seems like we aren't doing it for nothing. Now i want to thank my Contributors:
LordOfHara: Showing us this good World War II story and the Q&A on a regular basis.
Piritskenyer: This time he answered the letters and wrote a comparsion between the old and new VK30.01 H.
Lbano: Maus, tons of steel, good job.
Ding760: I always enjoy your articles, let us continue with this high quality work.
lonigus: you came back, thank you. Smile_blinky.gif

Also I want to thank:
And all who supported me after all the Idiot Whiners.




(Download button on the top, if your browser does not support flash):


Extra Content:


House Of Ilosz

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Cannot tell if this is spam or not. Also, wtf is with all the madonna stuff?

It's not spam. Ilosz has spent a lot of time making this magazine which he gives out for free. Although not technically 'official' it has been promoted by WG and they're very happy to let him do it.

Just a question, Ilosz - can you make it downloadable for mobiles? Most of my forum work is on my mobile and I'd love to read your magazine as well on here. I could get issue #1 but the later ones haven't been compatible.


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