Unlike the late beloved children's host of the same name...our unfortunately named M1ster_R0gers and his 45% W/R Foch 155 declares that he is going 8/9 line and "gonna empty my clip into the first red tank I see." Being a bit salty from a string of bad losses, I ask if he intended to die while unloading his clip or immediately thereafter. Chat argument ensues.    M1ster_R0gers, to his credit, manages to prove me wrong; despite charging into 6 enemy tanks and dying 5 mins into the game he manages to get out a whole 1.5 clips. Well done M1ster_R0gers, 3k damage in a tier X TD...well done, great job old chap .   As those of us who remain alive win the game and hunt for the last arty, the long since dearly departed M1ster_Rogers leaves us with one last parting gift: "You're welcome for the win."       Our illustrious M1ster_R0gers ladies and gentlekittys!               And of course, obligatory after battle PM sperg for your viewing pleasure.         M1ster_R0gers, I know you're reading this so let me ask you a question. If I paid WG to reroll my stats...do you SERIOUSLY think I'd still be a fucking 57%'er?     Edit:   Oh noes guise!! I've been reported and will have to confess my bullying ways to every future employer...oh whatever shall I do?