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Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)

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45% player opens a thread crying that he thinks about quitting the game because the insults ingame become unbearable.


gets told he's bad and it's understandable that people are angry

and then gets his stats linked.



Your TXes.



Object 140 U.S.S.R. MT 10 643 44.79%

FV215b UK HT 10 455 35.82%

IS-7 U.S.S.R. HT 10 441 41.27%

Jagdpanzer E 100 Germany TD 10 439 41.46%

E 100 Germany HT 10 305 50.49%

Waffenträger auf E 100 Germany TD 10 92 43.48%

FV4202 UK MT 10 28 42.86%





His reactions



yet again you justify My point By bringing up a completely different subject and assuming that i am the camping type of Player in this game I Know from recent games i always am the most hard working player on the team and provide my help to the team as much as possible. And also i highly a camping noob Such as myself Would have a sufficiently Lower wn8 Than what my current wn8 is



Look just Because my win rate is Bad doesnt mean i am the type of player to camp at the red line and get 2 or 3 shots every game i play but clearly your too stupid to realise that there are players who have bad stats and yet perform as if like super unicums



It never stops amazing me how little self reflection skills some people have.


Link if you want to read the thread, but it's 10 pages of blahblah


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In my Cent on Stalingrad, fighting on the beach against a T30, Cent7, E75, etc. Hull down, taking hits, this 1390 is hiding behind myself and a 268 all game. We ask him to scout, he says nothing, then he goes mid and gets exploded at the end of the game and starts splerging. Got this gem after the game:




I feel like I have finally arrived.

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I was thinking I will never post in this thread but after nearly 5 days of constant losses and less than 40% chance to win teams (I know I should turn it off) This latest game broke me. Not because we lost. That was a given. They had a blue platoon and a purple and blue platoon. We had all reds and me.


What broke me was the JPZ 100 on our team actually said and I quote. "The forest guys sucked" what he actually meant and I think I need to translate the tomato speech. Is that we were playing murovanka and the 2 guys that held that flank collapsed quickly as the chai platoon and blue platoon pounced on them. The other 12 players were camping around the 1 line except me who was stupidly trying to get spots from the middle for people who would never shoot at anything I lit.


I present our JPZ100





oh wait he eventually answered my question. I guess I will shutup from now on.



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Let me introduce our dick of the day, DrProfTank




My platoon mates and I were on Lakeville, south spawn. Rock into the city to smash our way through, when I notice this cock knocker shooting team mates out of the way like a self entitled prick in his T-34 on the middle road. Inevitably the shitlord turns blue, tell my platoon mates to put a shot into him to increase his repair bill at the end for being a bully boy cunt to the two tier 4 tanks that went with him.

After the game the guy messages me with these pearls of wisdom, good luck with support helping you on this one you team damaging, selfish, prick.



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Erlenberg assault. We were *2* on the east flank, which got steamrolled by the KV 3, the Spersh, the 3 tigers and one or two other tanks. Managed to make it back to the west bank and try and hold hem off from crossing the bridge…

Just after I died doing so, with mike 3 minutes left on the clock, our  French AC 48, who had spent the WHOLE game in G1, decided to attack along the 1 line, stumbled on the proto, got rekt. And started spewing abuse toward the team in an horribly broken French.

Needless to say, I told him how I felt about him being terrible both at tanks and at French.

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Who the fuck is FixerReloaded? Waits to the end of the match, when the win is had, to say some stupid fucking childish comment like this.

No one was even talking to him. Thought school was in session on Fridays.

Of course losses will happen. Keep your fucking suck shut unless spoken to. Fucking shitter.




fixer is like mexican or something xddd



good thing we're disbanded. loli pretty much was made up of anime lovers and perverts




ps: smiley did a good job of imploding loli tho

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reroll in his T54 gets highrolled and killed by me in my Type 61 for 425ish hp. This is his reaction:


He didn't add more, unfortunately

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game was cliff, it was 2v2, our IS-7 and E-75 VS their 212A and JPE. the JPE was in our cap, our IS-7 was in a perfect hull down spot resetting the JPE, doing really well. was carrying.


our E-75 was herpa derping around the enemy cap. the 212A was spotted. the E-75 was too chicken to go and kill him. literally. he sat there for a good minute, too scared to push and kill the 212A that wasn't even looking at him. so what happens? the 212A kills our IS-7. and only THEN does the E-75 decide to push on the 212A and kill him, by which point the game is over because the JPE is on 50% cap.


also shaming RNG because I fired a killshot at the waffle at under 100m, waffles turret was twice the size of my completely fully aimed reticule that I had just fired a previous shot at. it missed. completely. he killed me

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Unlike the late beloved children's host of the same name...our unfortunately named M1ster_R0gers and his 45% W/R Foch 155 declares that he is going 8/9 line and "gonna empty my clip into the first red tank I see." Being a bit salty from a string of bad losses, I ask if he intended to die while unloading his clip or immediately thereafter. Chat argument ensues.


 M1ster_R0gers, to his credit, manages to prove me wrong; despite charging into 6 enemy tanks and dying 5 mins into the game he manages to get out a whole 1.5 clips. Well done M1ster_R0gers, 3k damage in a tier X TD...well done, great job old chap :thumbup: .


As those of us who remain alive win the game and hunt for the last arty, the long since dearly departed M1ster_Rogers leaves us with one last parting gift: "You're welcome for the win."




Our illustrious M1ster_R0gers ladies and gentlekittys!









And of course, obligatory after battle PM sperg for your viewing pleasure.











M1ster_R0gers, I know you're reading this so let me ask you a question. If I paid WG to reroll my stats...do you SERIOUSLY think I'd still be a fucking 57%'er?





Oh noes guise!! I've been reported and will have to confess my bullying ways to every future employer...oh whatever shall I do?





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