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New German TD line/WTF E-100

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The whole line looks OP to me, especially the WTF E-100.  It mainly features very accurate tanks with good-great aim time, high penetration, and high alpha.  The tanks have no armor but also have decent speed, they are basically limited to support roles.  The WTF-E100 though is on another level of OP.  The stats:

128mm gun:



aim time: 1.5s


shells in mag: 6

time between shells: 2s

reload: 60s


150mm gun

damage: 750

pen: 235/334(heat)

aim time: 1.9s

accuracy: 0.33

shells in mag: 4

time between shells: 3s

reload: 50s


Other stats

Speed: 40


Pwr/Wt: 12

Turret traverse: 24

turret armor: 20/10/8

E-100 chasis armor

view range: 420


The fact that it can use the 128mm gun that way already makes it really OP.  But then they give it a rotating turret, decent speed on the E-100 chasis, and 420m view range in my opinion it needs a new word for how OP it is.  The only thing keeping it slightly in check is the tier 1 armor for the turret, definitely can't fight close quarters or it will get owned.  If this tanks stays as is I believe it replaces the T57 Heavy in clan wars.  Discuss your thoughts and opinions.



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