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Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

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Why do I suck in every single solopub battle in my E 100, but play very well when platooning?

From a personal perspective I can't help you much, as it's my highest DPG among Tier 10s and I adore it.

But if I had to take a guess I'd say it's because the E-100 is a rather slow, pushing force. It does better when you have teammates shooting the things that peek to shoot you, and when they can also respond to other parts of the map while you lock one place down.

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-Rexxie's mind right now


have to admit i lost it there



Do you two actually know each other?


Also, Black or White cats?


Ziddy is my boyfriend.


Black cats are obviously superior, any one who says otherwise has no soul.



Not quite enough in there for a proper meal just yet. 


erroneous downvote, ziddy plsfix



why is yuri much superior to yaoi in every way possible?


at least 420% more kawaii


why are you so terrible >:[

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