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Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

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Done with the Achilles, skipped the Challenged, got the Charioteer. Finally.


Initial impressions are quite good:


+Very mobile. It's no hellcat, but it's pretty fast.

+Incredible gun - you can either use HESH for CQC bruteforcing, which makes the 105 more powerful than almost any other gun in tier, or stick with the APCR's general reliability/pen/shell velocity for longer ranged combat.


+Bloom while still traversing the turret is incredibly low, if you can stomach how slow it turns. Great for sniping.


=HESH is so good in T8 games that you always want more HESH, but then its not so good in T10 games so you wish you packed more APCR. Low ammo count, but it's a first world problem.

=It's paper, but thats expected. Not nearly as paper as it could of been, though - not every HE hit will annihilate you, especially if it hits your hull.

=Camo seems about average.


-Bloom while moving is pretty atrocious, snapshotting is terrible. Makes that Cromwell chassis a lot less effective than it should be.

-Gun depression is a disappointing -5

-Needs AFE/medkit, so no chocolate.


Will need some more time with it, but it seems like a solid addition. It'd be incredibly OP in a less brawling oriented meta, but right now it's sort of held back by exactly that.

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Well, I'm already grinding the Type 61, but I could certainly talk about it and throw replays up.


A-44 I could do. The idea of driving it doesnt thrill me though, the pain that 107mm's gun handling put me through when I ground it last year haunts me to this day.

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As someone who just bought a T28...I would never put anyone through the agony of having to play this.

My strategy in top tier games: drive forward into choke, keep shooting them until I die.

In middle or bottom tier: be that guy who sits in base and only becomes useful once one flank is lost.

This is bordering on arty-levels of unfun.

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3002 DB it is! Haven't played that in almost two years.


T28 is completely awful, the worst T8 in the game imho. All the problems of being slow without all the armour or hp or firepower that'd make it worthwhile. Here's its shtick: camo and DPM. Guess what you need to make that shtick work? Mobility. Awful, awful tank. Im sorry you're grinding it.


Edit: Oh god, my master race med crews are all taken up by my T10s. I love you guys, but 75% crews are not happening!

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I'd rather die =)


Was checking out the tanks I haven't played in the longest time - apparently, I haven't played the IS or T-43 since 2011, and the SU-152, Tig 2, T32, and T-150 since 2012. I've been slacking off!

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