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Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

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Alright, "suckle things until you pass out" day is over, so time to play catchup:


Do you have tips on how to KV-3?


What makes the KV-3 the KV-3 is the side armor. You need to be abusing it as often as you can. Get into whatever the designated heavy brawl zone is for your map, and start sidescraping against the nearest wall.. Also, keep in mind that the KV-3's modules are actually pretty weak, unfortunately a side-effect of WG pulling it up into T7. This really is the only complaint I have about the tank, because it goes against its role on the battlefield. You try to abuse its HP and side armour too much and suddenly your fuel tanks are damaged, your engine has slowed you to a crawl, and you might even have lost your ammorack.


You can really help your KV-3 play out with a good crew. The thing holds as many as a Maus - while full-crew perks like repairs/bia don't benefit, it gives you a lot of slots for single-crew perks. You can be outfitted in a plethora of tiny bonuses pretty quickly because of that.



>Personal Missions


Neat fact, despite having them activated for every class and only being on the first set, I haven't completed a single mission in nearly a month. Most of them are of the "cap the enemy base" variety, and because I almost always avoid capping...



Now that I have the Bat, should I sell the 1390? I have no interest in hardcore WN8 padding, can't stand the gun (can't even clip an enemy and hit reliably at 100m...), it's crewless at the moment, and I have an IS-3 for strongholds and a T-54 for Tier 9 platoons. Thoughts?


It sounds like you're not in love with the 13 90 anyway, so you might as well.



Would you still say that optics/rammer/spall is the optimal setup for the T95? Also, what should I pick for driver skills? Thanks!


That's a good question. I was about to suggest swapping out optics for vents, but if I recall correctly, the T95 was one of the few TDs not impacted by the view range nerf. Mostly, that means the T95 will have a much easier time competing in the vision game against other TDs. In that case, keeping optics is probably a good idea. I'm still partial to spall too, I'd stick with it. It allows you to either put on another repair kit or food, both of which would be much more useful than vents. Wouldn't blame you if you traded it out, though.



holy shit I'm sexy as balls


boyish sexiness op

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