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Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

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21 hours ago, Rexxie said:

Today's 3-mark:

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What a disappointing way for the KV-1S to end up. This tank was my baby, but wow did it not age well. The only thing propping it up is how broken HEAT still is.

there is the KV-85, a KV, with a 122 on t6 :p


Except it seems to be atricous (perhaps woth food, bia, GLD and rotation its playable, but i doutb :serb: )

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The KV-85 has horrible gun depression compared to the old KV-1S. IIRC it used to have -8 degrees back in the day, now it's like you have to stay clear of every little pebble on the map, or the gun will just point to the skies.

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Playing a little more this year, its been a really chill experience ^_^

Right now Im trying out the new weird american heavy line, but Im only on the T7. The pawlack was enjoyable and super cute, but I dont like playing in T6.  The M-II has been more fun just because of its tiering. I was really worried about that giant turret tumor but Ive actually come to like it. People always try for it instead of going for something easier. 

Thats about it in-game! Im mostly just relaxing. Real life has been super good to me this year. Im happy. Im a couple years into HRT now and, other than constantly hearing “damn girl youre tall” i just live life as any other woman. Im apparently hot but the attention you get from guys get creepy really quick. Living with the love of my life and surrounded by some of the nicest people Ive ever met! Ziddy and I are still good friends too :)

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Some more tanks Ive tried since coming back!

Prog 54 (ITA T8 HT): It’s solid all around, but held back by awful sustained damage output. VERY fast, very flexible. Very little bully power for carrying T8 games. Stock grind is terrible; the gun is awful, no armor, barely moves without a slope.

TNH 105/1000 (CZ T8 HT): Really weird, I don’t like it. Its a flex heavy that tries to do everything but just ends up feeling confused. Even at its best, when you really need a decent gun and some armor and mobility, its just a worse renegade. About as boring too, but not a dumpster fire like the 110.

Nothing fun to say about either of the T7s on these lines, they just slightly different versions of the polish T7. The italian one was remarkably bad though.

Another tank I got was the T-103. It has a bad rep, but I really like it. But then Im also the girl that thinks the 100Y is busted, so maybe me thinking the T103 is decent is not that surprising. Its the only tank above T5 that I run camonet+binos on. It can play as a bad heavy no matter what you put on it, but without equipment its super hard to lean into it actually being a TD. I think going with turbo over net might be the play, but I couldnt imagine playing a map like fishermans or ghost town without binos.

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Hopefully someone who is struggling with the italian t9 heavy will come across this, use turbocharger. Hardening+Turbo+Vstab in slot 1, optics/vents over hardening for slot 2 for open maps.

Its so fucking slow that it barely ever functions as a support tank. Instantly fixed with a turbo, especially if you have bounty turbo or ground out the mobility slot. You go from terrible emil clone to something actually a little unique. That gun is good, just not on something that slow.

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