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Hello, Good day, Hi, Nice to meet you!

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I've just found myself in the rather interesting position of discovering that not only do my stats have value, but also that I increasingly care about improving them (who wouldn't? They're AWFUL!). This community looks like an excellent place to find advice that should help me get on my way with that, so I lurked for a while and am now writing a post announcing my existence.

Well, that got circular in a hurry.

In any case, I'd love to be pointed towards topics to read that will provide me with some information I could put to use to work towards improving myself as a tanker.

I'd normally wrap this up nicely, but I just played my first game of the day in a tank I've not played for months in a class I'm terribad at, and this happened: http://wotreplays.com/site/405093#airfield-vacputer-vk_1602_leopard
I can has a pat on the head? For the last bit, anyhow? :P

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o/ you'll like it here. Hit up wotlabs channel for platoons and read some of the stickies :)


Sela's map guides are also pretty helpful, and some of the replays that are posted are pretty good to look at too.

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