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Can I have someone experienced (like a purple) review this replay for me?


Any feedback/constructive criticism would be appreciated.




For the record, what I did during this match:

  • nearly 1.5K damage
  • no dmg received
  • ~350 assistance dmg
  • 16 shots fired, 7 hits, 7 penetrations (I know my aim is sometimes horrid)
  • 2nd top dmg dealer on our team (top was T29 with 2.7K dmg)
  • I went full retard and tried to kill a luchs at the beginning of the match; I acknowledge that I made a stupid  =(

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First, ew, encounter halluf


Okay now to real talk.

Why did you pick to hide in a tiny bush when there is a beautiful rock or depression near you? those 2 would probably give you better protection than a tiny bush on the top of a small hill

Oh my god why the camera movements lol

After prematurely shooting at luchs, you pull back to make sure you not spotted (you have 6th sense I hope, essential for hellcat) and then miss the second shot, but this is probably just not being familiar with halluf's valley terrain, but that comes with experience.


You then move to a worse position near your T49, which allows no shots to A2 and only really watches cap (Which nothing was approaching) if you were near the rock you could of shot the 12t pushing your east and even the tanks on the crest at D7. Missed damage potential


Now your just moving back and forth doing nothing lol


Around the 7:00 mark the match picks up and you waste a few shots with rushed/poor aiming, but that can be fixed with practice/time 



Looks like you need to learn to position yourself to get damage more and have a little more practice leading targets that are "Hauling ass"

~Large picture 


So just position yourself to get more shots and hit them more often eh



I need to pick me up a hellcat *-*

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