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A series of not quite as bad decisions

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I've got two recent memorable Erlenberg games, both of which were decisive routs. One I was platooned with Pants and Gigamo in T-54s, and it was BT9 with minimal scary guns. We rushed the shit out of the south hills and wiped the floor with them. The other was an E5 game, BT10, with relatively few 10s, and I exhorted my team to zerg it, because I didn't think we could win a camp out (too many bads). Mowed them down from that same spot. There ARE times to cross, but you gotta pick-em! (And BT11 and 12, or when not top tier are virtually no-go)

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So apparently 4647 damage in a Panther II is only good enough for a 1st class badge:




This was a fun game.  Our horrible forest campers whined most of the match.  Props to our T69 and Dicker Max for also having broad shoulders.  



Man I had a lot of fun games tonight.


Carried hard in the Rhoomba WT: 



Also had my first Leo1 game where I felt decent about the tank: 




This Pershing battle was also hard fought, and I wish I had made some better decisions to pull it off.


 Anyone fancy some input on what they'd have done differently?  I wasn't so confident in our arty, but I think I should have just spotted the Rhoomba again once our M12 was reloaded instead of trying to poke between the corpse and hill to shoot him.  He was pre-aimed and more accurate.

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I feel like this is a fairly good example of playing the middle on Lakeville:



This demonstrates why the KV1-S is completely balanced:



Going to the middle town in Pearl River can work out just fine:



Erlenberg Obj 704 Scouting:

14:12 [--] Looxgood[WARMG] (Löwe) : dont cross bridge

14:04 [--] Looxgood[WARMG] (Löwe) : object you are not a scout




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Most hilarious game of the night by far.  Doing Tier 6s with pantsofglory and sr360.  I had just finished playing my PzIV S so I transferred my crew back to my Leo1 and then mistakenly hit battle before switching to my Tog II.  So I ended up bringing 2 Tier 6s into a Tier 10 battle.  And we won.  And pantsofglory did more damage in his easy8 than several of our Tier 10 tanks.


How to fail platoon.  By Dlur:


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Dlur is awful and shouldn't be put in charge of a cinder block, let alone a platoon.  Also, Jagdtigers driven by furries are highly flammable.

Hey, at least my awful piloting of this cinder block got you to make your first post here!

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A couple of recent Leo1 games, nothing too fancy:




This is the game where I didn't fuck up when Sela was on my team for once:






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2nd Battle in T30.  Doesn't hurt the pubs listened:



I usually feel like my T-62a is a cursed tank since it was my first Tier 10 and I absolutely ruined its stats with my first 175 games when I was a 50% baddie (as opposed to a 57% baddie), but this game made me smile:



Pub whispering on South Highway Spawn:


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E 50 my new favorite tank



Frustrating draw: 



Felt like capping was a good option here:



Pershing beast mode:



Nothing fancy:


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I made a poor decision at the end of this otherwise amazing battle that cost us the game.  



I had several very nice damage games in Tier 8 mediums tonight:




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I was fairly proud of this IS-6 battle.  I feel like it demonstrates proper use of my armor and being fairly aggressive without dying stupidly:



T30 OP:







Obj 416 is a fun tank, even without 6th sense:



Obj 268, better than a WaffenCancer most days:


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This wasn't really a great match, but it was sort of bizarre.  Almost pulled it off while being stuck.


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Rebought my ISU-152 and slapped a fairly new crew on it (no 6th sense):






We started the game out 2 tanks down because my finger slipped on my mouse (Gottfried's did also it seems).  Game was looking bleak for a while, but patience paid off in the end.


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So I got my Object 430 tonight.  This was my 3rd game in it:




My first game was not so good :(


Seriously, who platoons an M3 Lee with a T110E5...

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Nothing too fancy, just our platoon carrying.  Shackram and I disrupting and chillspider holding town steady:



This is why I don't really mind Redshire at all, even encounter:



This game felt good and it was a true carry by our platoon.  It was especially challenging because I did this with a fresh crew that only had 40% in first skill (no 6th):



Another decent carry by our platoon:


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In this battle I stayed alive and carried.  I ran out of ammo completely and was ultimately lucky that the IS7 and arty stayed alive as well:


Youtube of this battle:











On this one I decided to rush into town mid-battle to save our Tiger II and finish off the tanks so we could win:



Pretty standard Redshire encounter from south side.  Made a few mistakes early on in taking out the T28 proto but salvaged it and ended up saving the game by resetting cap:



The Object 704 gun depression isn't all that bad:



I couldn't salvage this one.  I had decent damage but I think there was probably more I could have done to turn this draw into a win:


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