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So, the Caernarvon in 2019...yep, still OP. After getting mega-buffed, this thing is now one of the best tier 8 tanks in the game. It's not as well-rounded as the IS-3 but in the right circumstances where you can leverage its strengths, it will blow all the opposition away. The DPM is absolutely insane. The alpha is more than reasonable given the rate of fire. The gun handling is pretty decent (aim time is a bit slow but it can snap reasonably well). The gun callibre is enough to reliably track opponents - and oh, if they don't have a repair kit available, this thing track-kills enemies like no other (so many times you will kill near full-health enemy heavy tanks who lack repair skill and who either don't have a repair kit or its on cooldown). The turret is excellent (only really had issues with high-tier HEAT on the turret forehead), and the hull is good enough to reliably bounce lower tiers and troll when angled same and occasionally higher tier guns.

What's bad? The mobility isn't great. It has a great huge fat ass and horrid hull deck which means that arty - especially the low-tier fast, firing bastards (tier 6 arties will murder this thing as they can do 350+ damage reliably to you per shot if they know how to aim) - will end you pretty quickly. Penetration is weak when going up against tier-10 superheavies from the front, but hey, you're a tier 8.

95 games (without a premium account as I've let it lapse), 58.95% win rate, average damage of 1,900 and 589 assist. I managed to Mastered it once, which took a ridiculous 1,515 base XP, which gives an idea of what good players are capable of in this thing on a regular basis. The win rate for me is only below the O-Ho for tier 8s, and the only one tank that has comparable is the Cent I (which for some reason has a very high win rate, over more games too). The DPG is the highest of all my tier 8s, about 100 damage more than the IS-3.

This thing is utterly insane. And it's fun to play too. Keeper.

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