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Plane Stats

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So I've often heard that the "hangar plane stats are useless" but I've never really been sure of which ones and where.

I get that the star or "rank" visuals next to the various plane stat groupings are pretty much there for just a vague indicator, but what about all of the stats that make them up?

Are they all to be believed?

What important stats are being left out?

Has anyone mined the meaningful stats out somewhere like in tanks?

Is armor protection uniform across the plane model or more varied like tanks? If so then how?

Are the dps numbers in the gun statistics for an individual gun or the group as a whole?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


I just find myself a bit more confused on WoWP plane statistics than I do on WoT. I mean, at least with all of the garage statistics in there the most nuanced one is armor thickness (because you have to know at least about angling and its effect) but in WoWP I'm totally lost.


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The presented ratings for airspeed, maneuverability and firepower undergo calculations so obscure they hardly represent the true performance of the plane as a whole. A fully decked out Yak-1M has no chance to catch a P-51A, despite only having a difference of 20 in their airspeed ratings. A light-armed 109F has 25 more firepower than the P-51A, but common sense and annecdotal data will tell you the Mustang will hit harder and more consistently with the MG's than the 20mm cannon. Those "ratings" are to be taken with a giant slab of salt, if they were to be trusted in the first place.


Hidden, or soft stats, include the following:


-range modifiers (effective and maximum ranges)
-modifiers from ammunition types
-modifiers for ammunition types

-kinetic energy for individual rounds

-armor penetration value for individual rounds

-explosive damage effect for individual rounds (if applicable)

-incendiary damage effect for individual rounds (if applicable, also related to probability of being lit on fire)
-inherent accuracy
-accuracy modifiers based on airspeed and attitude of plane
-recoil (dispersion rate)
-overheating rate
-magnitude of auto-aiming
-mounting positions relative to airframe (distance from the center axis)


===Plane model + flight performance===

-airspeed and altitude performance curve

-power/mass ratio (can be calculated from engine horsepower/mass)

-energy efficiency (how fast you bleed energy when maneuvering)

-engine acceleration

-boost acceleration

-boost overheating rate

-boost cooling rate

-armor values for plane parts and modules (armor is never applied uniformly)

-hit points for plane parts and modules (you can either pepper your target down to 0HP, or you can just break its wing for an instakill)

-critical hit proability (there are saving rolls for module and component damage)

-mass distribution (related to pitch and roll performance. Obviously you'll have a hard time rolling when you have 500kg bombs strapped to your wings)\

-wing loading

-wing area

-aircraft volume and cross sectional area

-vision profiles (you can't see as far behind you than in front of you. It's also 3D)

-inherent camo values

-inherent probability of catching fire

-burn rate


===Other stuff===

-air density

-camo multipliers (clouds, light orientation, altitude, terrain)



This list is not complete by any means, there are more soft stats than you think. DPS is always listed per gun, but please just disregard the DPS value altogether as the formulas involved includes more than just damage per shot. You are better off calculating your own numbers using the damage listed for ammo types and your gun's RPM.


Edit: most of the time you won't be thinking about all of the above while in combat. Just get a feel for how your plane flies and your weaponry, you should concentrate on the actual fighting instead of worrying about numbers.

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One big thing that is listed, but not always paid attention to:  Rate of fire and muzzle velocity on guns.  Sure, some of those big guns (30mm+) might have great DPS, but try hitting a P-51 variant with a ~500m/s velocity round.   Sometimes, a lower tier weapon may be superior, simply because your fire will be more effective. 

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Yea I'm not looking to keep those in mind at all times but I'd just like to be able to out of battle compare the performances of various planes to have a better idea of what I'm facing. I just prefer using hard numbers to get a gauge for my battle experience because I'm not sure how much my perspective in a battle (or limited perspective) is clouding my appraisals.


I just am left wondering what these guys are thinking with these voodoo numbers...

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