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Showcase of MM is fine, Arty is balanced and the map team are gud

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41 minutes ago, Hellvn said:

I'm pretty sure Bitey just experienced a wtf moment there.

Yes, I must confess I felt a little bit let down at not being accused of hax.



2 minutes ago, Ezz said:

The irony...



NFI, for sure.

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4 hours ago, AdrianK said:

R.I.P.   There's a few of these gaps around, like the ones on the far side of the Himmelsdorf railway.  Admittedly they aren't useful that often.

I use this one all the time. Its funny watching people get confused. 


Also naming and shaming Laserdisc for blaming good players on not being good enough. Its a team game so obviously we should shoulder the burden of all 14 teammates. We should obviously be doing all the damage in the entire game because we are 'good'. 

Can't complain and call out bad players for being bad because it ruins the safe-space that is team-chat. NO INSULTS ALLOWED. NO CALLING OUT LEMONS FOR BEING LEMONS. 

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On 11/18/2017 at 11:53 AM, MagicalFlyingFox said:

Also naming and shaming Laserdisc

Quality thread. The squirming has been excellent to watch. Enjoyed @Centurion_NZ mentioning the report spammers. You know they are stinging when they report all the time. I'm guessing one of the new mods hadn't quite cottoned onto it just being some salty gent spamming it so handed out warnings.

By the way cent, you seem to be flying the WG flag a little lower than usual. Any stories there?

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12 hours ago, Hellvn said:

@Siggy 1 marked the t-50. You've been warned.

Meh.  Any fucker can mark that thing.  You'd have to be shit to get stranded on 93.2 perpetually.

I've moved on to greater challenges. I like the M4 45 with the 90. There Timmy, I've admitted it.

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So 9.21 preview bits and bobs...

Some boosts removed... including malinovka???

Things to grind maybe...

Badger and line buffs... hmm, not sure i could stomach that much slow stuff. Ironically WG's new 'make lines play alike' make the prospect of grinding that much seem even less attractive.

French HTs... not sure what to make of them. The 9 and 10s look like they will just be heat magnets so effectively pretty meh. SConq line looks a tad more appetising. Does outcom do low tier grinds?

Not that exciting to be honest. Still trying to work out what to do with all these chicks i have now.

Also... AU server things...

" not good with 24 hour time haha. so thats 6pm until 2am? :S  "

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SConq sounds like it's a bit better than the new french 10, while the 9s i suspect the french may fair better as a top tier bully (because tier 9 mm best mm). But unfortunately the brit HT grind starts at tier 2, c.f. tier 8 for the frenchies.

The swedish TDs were another option as i already have two chicks there. But i'm not sure i'd really like the whole siege stuff. Normal TDs are annoying enough as is. I guess the brit turret TD line is an option.

Honestly tho, i suspect i may hang up the grinding shoes after the 10 lts are done. Need about 20k for the sheridan, and heaps for the rhmpzwgn but no real urgency for either of those.

On that tho, still loving the t100lt. The limited exposure afforded by that gun handling, camo, acceleration... such fun.

And lol, just looked it up... not just my imagination...

132-1, 0.42 accuracy, 71% hit rate.

100LT, 0.46 accuracy, 80% hit rate.


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1 minute ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

Was watching saffee play his 132-1


My lord the rng on that thing...

I'm committed to finishing my 30 battles for the month (5 left and might sneak thru as numba wan) but after that will definitely be going to the 100lt for the zoom zoom fun.

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6 hours ago, Proloser said:

I actually don't even play on the AU server now. I prefer the Asians. 'strayas population is even more dumb than I expected.

Much of a muchness I’m finding. Do you prefer your tomatoes to be yoloing dickheads or camping bots? At least we get to choose now.

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