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Showcase of MM is fine, Arty is balanced and the map team are gud

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4 hours ago, kersh said:

What kind of time frame did all those electrical appliances fail?

TV a day after plugging a chromecast into its USB port (about a month ago). PC psu 2 days ago. Vacuum cleaner while cleaning pc case after removing said PSU - noting this was a handheld dyson job. So as much as i'd like to blame our dodgey unit power supply i suspect it's more the universe trying to tell me not to play tanks as per otto.

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I was a little curious as to why there hasn't been more murmurings on the whole P_C fiasco myself, but then realised I really don't care either way.

It'd be nice if they would open up bidding on the UK tank for plebs that couldn't be assed to go into the campaign, but then that'd be sending the wrong message to their gaming public.

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