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Showcase of MM is fine, Arty is balanced and the map team are gud

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All I really know of the PC thing was that some people got salty about something. Beyond that i was just incredibly disappointed at the crd ing. And yes I'm a pats fan and dead souls are still better than rangas. 

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On 2/5/2019 at 6:57 AM, Siggy said:

This place is deader than Reaps' soul.

Didn’t realize Reaps had a soul - even a dead one.

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Should send that to a mod Mick. ARF!

Have to remember to note them both down on a bit of paper for a press 2 if spotted list.

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Just to clarify, all KAC'ers are cock sucking cunt stains, yea? Cause he also identifies Mick as a Faggot and fuckstain, I'm just making sure I set my goals up correctly. I don't want to be labelled one when I really want to be labelled something different. 

Or is the goal to get all three?

And Asshat still trumps CSCS? Or should I be trying for a quaddie? So much yet to achieve, so little enthusiasm to do it.


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21 hours ago, spacewolf said:

Just to clarify, all KAC'ers are cock sucking cunt stains, yea? 


Except for reaps. He is just a plain Jane giant cunt.

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Grinding the T 25/2 and Swede Leo atm. Tier 7 mm on SEA is currently glorious. Literally not a tier 9 to be seen. Top tier more often then not. It’s hilarious.

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Latest memes from the Asia server.

Summary of events.

  • Hopey alt's and minion invades WoT Asia discord linking to their discords with the name

and lovely messages with more invites, sharing is caring :O


Who is totally not a solid or a snake



  • After the dust had settled on the Asia discord the TBS1 bois took it to the forums about those terrible Yeti school shooters and mod impersonators and got shut down by the good old reply of



  • Soon after there was a mass joining to a discord server who was run by a friendly bot, together everyone shared the above messages and lovely gifs of rhino's taking a rather explosive shit.


Many good soldiers were lost in this war after that friendly bot banned them, but the war was not over. No far from it, the Brains of the operation put in one final effort



Unfortunately WG had one final Trump card.


Centurion_IRL. Not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve. Oh and Flying_Elite that handed out all the bans in the threads

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