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Showcase of MM is fine, Arty is balanced and the map team are gud

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snapback.pngAALG, on 01 March 2015 - 12:28 PM, said:


Please state where it says in the EULA and rules, that you have to be warned before a sanction.

As far as I recall I have allways said that "High ping (latency) has no effect in causing lag. Dropped packets has everything to do with causing lag."
If you understand that as me saying "Ping has no effect on gameplay", you really need to retake Reading'n'comprehension 101 class.


I reported this post to Centurion_NZ. Moderators should be under the same rules as regular posters. I made a post highlighting the forum etiquette and highlighted section 2.1.3 and 2.1.5. AALG insulted my intelligence, which is a personal attack.

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Hey Joc, apparently Permanent_chat_ban was unbanned. We also got a form of apology saying that support banned ~25 accounts using the same reason as the obvious alts were.

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Hey Joc, apparently Permanent_chat_ban was unbanned. We also got a form of apology saying that support banned ~25 accounts using the same reason as the obvious alts were.





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Tanitha is trying for damage control by leaving that thread open. What a hypocritical fuck tard. "Pages of warnings" = 4 warnings in the last 8 months. 11 warnings out of my 16 was during the thaim FG was still active on the forums

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Who owns the account? Get them to PM tan about it.

Hey JOC, your name was down the bottom of the screen in Top's thread. I thought you couldn't log in?


My account can access the forums, it has been given a perma RO with 100 penatly points for 'spam'.


For Tanitha to try and say previously infractions weren't escalated for higher penalties is BS - he has given penalties out to players himself which have added up to their combined history. Another case of him not doing his job right?



Whackamole has a perma RO as well. 


Permanent_chat_ban has been nuked from the forums completely - unable to read.



I am still waiting for Tanitha or support to provide these accounts a list of what they have been accused of and punished for. They happily copy pasta links to the EULA, but can't specifically say what they did that supposedly preached these clauses.


It now rules these accounts of being able to enter any competitions requiring screenshots to be posted to the forum, or being able to PM him (which he offers) for assistance.

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I am pretty sure I will end up with a perma ban by the end of tonight. I am not going to sit around and do nothing. I would by far prefer to be unable to do anymore (due to ban) than sit around and let Tan and AALG completely destroy this community without critisism

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Well apprently Tan is going to have a chat with AALG and how he talks to people. Whats funny is that after I mentioned IR laws in regards to bullying and harassment in the workplace, he went and looked it up. The tab is visible in his screenshots showing computer time and server ine in my error thread.

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And I love what a complete red herring the whole new 10 point forum penalty system with aging points was.


Tanitha spouted it as an option, to all of a sudden when he was called on for it "no, it was tried on the other server and removed, and it isn't compatible with our version either". He forgets what he said 2 weeks prior.




Posted 11 February 2015 - 07:50 PM


1. I'll rework the points system before implementing the new system. As one needs to be a little careful with points, when they result in a AUTO perma ban.


It will be something like..

1st offense. (As per existing system - roughly)

Minor = warning = no warning points.

Bad enough to be a reasonable rule violation = 1 point.

Severe enough to be severe rule violation = 2 points.

Repeated offense within 7 days of previous offense.(As per existing system with some minor tweaking)

Sanction duration upped a level.


Warnings become 6 hours.
6 hours become 1 day

1 day becomes 3 days.

3 days becomes 7 days

7 days, becomes 14 days

New set of sanctions inserted

Repetitive and excessive rule violations and/or Repetitive and excessive rule violations from the IP

7 days / 14 days / 1 month / permanent. depending on player history.

The continued perma's for first offense, which bypasses any other points system.

Account selling, threats of violence, etc..

Warning points set to decay , New system

Accounts set to auto perma ban on 10 points , New system


Something like that ^^ , i'll let you know in full after its programmed.




Posted 26 February 2015 - 07:56 PM


With the discussion of swapping to the new system....

NA/Eu swapped to it ages ago we didn't at the time due to a much lower population , 1 game, Etc.

When looking into the system with plans on swapping Asia over to it... The system was short lived and then withdrawn..
So its not available on NA/Eu any more apparently and not available for here.


IE that system cant be installed onto this forum version.


Or.. in short.
We will continue with the existing system, until something better presents itself.






Posted 1 March 2015 - 02:38 PM


There isn't a new system : ) I've covered that quite a few times now. But will again.

Here's a history which might explain it better.


1. NA/Eu install a automated perma ban system 18 months ago.

2. Asia decided we would prefer to do this manually so we can have better control of who is being Perma banned and why, Especially with us running player mods (NA/Eu doesn't) (Ru/Asia does)

3. Things are getting busier... Many more games, many more languages... The auto system installed on NA/Eu was considered to be switched on on Asia.

4. When investigating the NA/EU Auto system, it was informed the auto system was no longer available as the current forum system doesn't support it.

5. The Auto perma system once used on NA/EU 18 months ago, is no longer used on NA/Eu and will not be used on Asia... as its not available to this forum system.



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Do mods get points for every time they give an overturned, obviously inconsistent or clearly personal RO? Nags and saabi (prob others... but bear with me for effect) would be the only ones to escape.

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Just saw death's thread. Gold. Only in the early pages but wow. This is like midget crack whore bdsm teeny tranny goat dog hamster anal double milf amateur forum gold!

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Just saw death's thread. Gold. Only in the early pages but wow. This is like midget crack whore bdsm teeny tranny goat dog hamster anal double milf amateur forum gold!

You are a man of many genres.

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I'm also 72 hours into a serious bender. I have a level 9000 resistance to any shit you throw at me.


Is there any one thread i should try to tackle in my moment of one substance fuckedness? Or should i just sit here until emily watson from the other thread visits?

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I just realised i'm on the same side as otto again... this is kinda weird... i like it ... you got lube?


/Good post.

snapback.pngZULU40, on 01 March 2015 - 05:03 PM, said:

I think it would be unfortunate if the forum was dissolved or heavily brought to heel


There are people here, not starved for alternatives, who speak out from frustration on some aspects of this operation

I think there are a few agitators but the overriding principle is to IMPROVE the game,


I am certain that there have been POSITIVE changes brought about due to forum venting


Should that voice be lost, then WoTs popular consent for control is also lost

and that public voice will simply move on to someplace out of reach and away from sanctions


'perhaps' that would be a good thing

but it simply spells disaster to me, and I dont mean to the user-base

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Credit where credit is due. I've always told you chaps, deal with the post, not the poster.


And yeah, he reverted later.

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