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Good Plane line for Beginners?

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I played WoWp a bit back in closed beta, but decided it was too under-developed for me to have fun.  I've decided to give it a shot and was wondering which line(s) you guys would recommend to a planes newbie, as I have close to no idea how the different aircraft perform.  

If you have any good tips (other than climb at the start, maintain energy advantage, etc etc) please leave those as well.


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I hate to repeat myself, but in this case




i cant resist :tongue:


Dude...don't make me get my can of Troll-B-Gone :-)

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In all seriousness, I've been enjoying the German and Brit Fighter lines the most so far. US fighters are nice too and the Heavies are decent.


Whatever you do, DO NOT PLAY Ground Attack!




Unless you have a strong desire to give your team the finger 150% of the time.

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Well its a perfect plane for beginners - no one can argue that!


I disagree, mine always crashed shortly after take-off :-)

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The Spitfires are fun but they suffer badly from altitude sickness until the Mk IX. And in the current meta that's a problem. I'd say play the 109s and learn how to energy fight. It's a style that will always work even if they nerf heavies and pure BnZ.

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