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FV183 and crewskills... and equipment.


How would you pimp this one for best overall (randoms) results?


My crew is worming their way towards a full three skill setup, and I haven't landed on how to reskill them next discount.


Simplified there are 4 main options:


  1. Full BiA with gunnery skills and repairs slapped on top.
  2. Full BiA with camo then repairs.
  3. Camo, gunnery and repairs mix.
  4. Full BiA, Full Camo, get the two gunnery skills and run with gimped repairs

I'm pretty sure some of you will be opposed to the idea of camoskill on such a big house, but since it carries the TD tag, the camo values aren't that bad. With full camo crew the thing is sneakier than a M48. A vanilla T110 will spot the 183 in the open at about 319 meters, the M48 will be spotted at 333m.


That is why I'm hesitant to discard camo skills for the 183. Gun handling is very bad and we all want to do something about that, but do we throw away camo skills for max gunhandling? (The gunhandling skill payout is marginal, anyway.... or??)




The first two slot are easy, EGLD and rammer.

Camo net makes it really sneaky (265m) sitting still, but I move about in it so much I've left the net in the garage.

Vents? Boost a possible BiA setup... could work... worth it? mmmmmh.

Optics? Could be useful for pubbie work....


Your thoughts?

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Run with gimped repairs, full BIA + Camo + gunnery skills. You NEED to maximize your aimtime/accuracy and the camo is a lot of help if you're playing the 183 properly. As long as gimped repairs brings your repair time down to ~7 secs max, you're fairly safe from being permatracked.


For equips I run vents+gld+rammer. The 183 is not a mid-range tank; you want to either be at draw range (in which case optics isn't going to often help) or so close that the difference between 400 and 440 isn't going to matter. This is rare for me to say; I'm usually a huge proponent of optics over vents, but the 183 is one of those extreme cases where the gun handling makes or breaks you.

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