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Easy 8 Crew Skills?


Just got my E8 crew skills to 100%.


Here's what I'm thinking:



Commander: 6th, Repairs, Jack-of-all-Trades


Gunner: Repairs, Snapshot, BiA


Radio Man: Repairs, Situational Awareness, BiA


Driver: Repairs, Smooth Ride, Clutch Braking


Loader: Repairs, Adrenaline Rush, BiA



Equipment: Vents, Rammer, Binoculars. 




I play the E8 probably a bit passively, spotting/sniping usually. I go for flanking mid to late game.


What do you think of my set-up?


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I've had the E8 for 2+ years and it is my most played tank (not deliberately clubbing, it was my first favourite tank <3 ), and have extracted 3 crews from it for use in higher tiers, so I am able to offer my own experiences despite not being purple.


First you want to run Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer Mk1 and either Vents (if you're poor) or Coated Optics, and if you're not already, for the love of god use the upgraded 76mm M1A2.


for playstyle you more or less have it right, play vision games early on, the 370m +10% from Optics is 407m which is usually good enough for vision games at Tier 6, granted its no Hellcat with 462 uncapped, but still decent. Whilst spotting, you can do a little sniping, the gun is surprisingly accurate, but it's no E 25.


Once the teams get depleted to a certain level the real fun can begin, run around flanking, circling, piranha-ing, and mopping up some of the remaining enemies, and it never gets old soloing a full health Ferdinand/JT-88/ISU/T28/basically any TD/slow heavy


For crew skills I can only suggest what I have used, am using, and plan to use. (I have trained up 3 separate crews with my E8 for higher tier tanks)


Commander: 6th/repairs/camo

Gunner: repairs/deadeye/camo

Driver: smooth ride/clutch breaking/repairs

Radioman: repairs/sit awareness/camo

Loader: repairs/camo/adreneline4fun


Some might baw at the camo choice, but I've found its noticeable, I can pew away at a KV-1S while bushed from 270-300m unseen usually

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Brothers in Arms only works if you have it on everyone.  Ignore it for now.  I would say don't take it on mediums until you're around 50% on fourth skill, maybe not even then if you decide the second round of comfort skills are more useful than BiA.


I would say Repairs for all first, retrain the commander to Sixth Sense when your second skill hits 40%


I don't have camo values to hand, so someone else may say otherwise for the E8 in particular, but generally camo for everyone second.


Then go for comfort skills.


So it would look like:


Commander: Sixth Sense, Repairs, Camo

Gunner: Repairs, Camo, Snap Shot

Driver: Repairs, Camo, Smooth Ride/Off Road Driving

Radioman: Repairs, Camo, Sitch Awareness

Loader: Safe Stowage, Repairs, Camo


Run with Vertical Stabiliser, Rammer, and your choice of Optics or Binocs.  (I tend to favour optics due to a mobile playstyle).


Your reload is supes fast on the Easy 8, and your HP pool isn't large enough to be left on sub 10% often, so don't go Adrenaline Rush on that tank, but you're in an uncomfortable place rack HP wise given the big ol' guns you might meet, so Safe Stowage might save you from a oneshot.


Choice of Smooth Ride/Off Road is down to you, I like Off Road.  Turning your hull fast isn't super important for the E8, nice to have but SR/OR will probably be useful more often.

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