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Not like I need a holiday as an excuse to express my gratitude here, but now seems as good a time as any. 


Last Spring is when I got into official blue-status, finally paying attention to a few game mechanics, and not just playing for fun. But most of my stats were built on my chariot driven by both the pre-nerfed Hetzer and VK3601.


So after popping that posting cherry on Wotlabs I figured I would make the most out of the great resources this place had to offer.  I put myself on his internet went schizophrenic and started torturing squirrels 4fun- and took a lesson with him in August. I patronized  setup, got run through some of my replays and generally milked this site for all it was worth. 


In the meantime I would watch Sela and Embryonic and post up questions that were diligently answered by many of the excellent players here (especially as I kerfluffled my way into German LT's post-8.6). 


The results have been pretty impressive I think, so with Thanksgiving all up on us, I wanted to raise a drumstick to all the fine tankers around here and this excellent community.   


Great educators and good people to boot. And, if I may say, you all test high on the strokability scale (some -10/10 would schwing again- more than others -3/10 would probably make me feel bad about myself and cultivate unhealthy dependency-). 


So WOTLABBERS, especially you educators mentioned above and Purples, it's been a great ride and it's only just beginning.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and much gratitude for your time and effort. My stat growth is just small testament to all your work. 


I salute you : SHA-WING



EDIT: Move if necessary, just wanted to put this in the folder where people post up their training opportunities- it's kind of a pitch that way.

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