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Tourney Team Possibility

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Starting a tourney team. Starting out in dailyblitz and working to different formats as allowed. I have played alot under Millard in 7x42 team battles but am just getting into real tournaments, however I have become accustomed to a high level of play from fellow players and winning.


Time: I plan on the late daily blitz starting out: 9-11 EST. 

Tier: starting out blitz is the plan, we will play in other tourney tiers as allowed though.


What I am looking for in players:

  - Fun: If you aren't having fun what are you doing? However, losing isn't fun, thus winning is a primary goal.

  - Stats: 60 day stats are looked at, if you are not good at tanking it won't be a pleasant experience for anyone, however stats are used primarily to weed out the weak players, individual tank performance will be a primary assessment along with personality and fitment with everyone.



  - calling ability, I will not lie and say I am an exceptional at caller, if you are good at calling and have   experience that is a plus, but I will be working on calling as necessary.

  - Having multiple viable tanks, one tank isn't going too cut it, at the very least you need atleast 2+ viable tourney t8's such as 13 90, 50 100, is-3, 110.

  - Being available, while we all can't be on every night and don't expect that, we would like the attendance required to do bigger tournaments as we don't intend on only doing blitz for long.


Other tournament formats will be explored as I don't intend to only play blitz for very long, just to get our feet wet and gain experience as a group. The team is currently 4 committed.


PM me ingame or via the forums if interested and we will talk.

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Are little group is currently comprised of 4 guys currently, are averaged 60 day wn7 is over 1700 and we are still looking for a couple more exceptional tankers. We plan to start blitz's asap as we get some experience under are belts so if you are interested in tier 8 tournament play we are still looking for a couple more guys.

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I'd totally join, but ever time I look at a tourney schedule I can't make most of the tourney battles. I wish they had some after CW tournaments so those of us in the western US could participate more often. 

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