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Kittikat step up your game - Dafuq did I just read?

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Probably NSFW: I just found something on imgur that is relevant for the Emma Watson Pics this thread.


DAMNIT... why did I have to find this @ work...


and see even an octopus can have a bad day at work...


OMG the internets are ALIVE today!!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-12937-1405093650-4. NOPE!!

anigif_enhanced-16277-1405090743-9.gif Ummmm....

anigif_enhanced-5335-1405090352-5.gif Gimme a glowstick!!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21215-1405091639-27 Can't....look....away...

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25951-1405094510-23 and NOPE....

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So I was checking my profile on the official forums just now, as I received an educational warning on there. (wasn't very educational at all, sadly)


Discovered that an account named "Mexican_Girl" added me to their friend list. I be like... dafuq are you?

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