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How does one play the Object 140?


Let's start with a picture of my stats in it: 





Now, I've been playing my Object 140 just like I played my T54. And I'm dealing damage, whether 2200 average is considered enough (probably isn't) I don't know, from what I can tell, I just can't win games.  2 of my wins are clan wars wins in this tank. I'm positioning myself where I would with my T54 and basically playing it 100% the same.  Is this incorrect and should I be playing it differently?  I know I have very few battles in the 140 but I want to try to stop this before it gets out of control.  For reference I solo pub a lot because of the times I'm usually playing tanks.


Also my Equipment setup is as follows: Rammer/VStab/Optics (Consumables: Repair kit, Auto Extinguisher, First Aid Kit.).  

My Crew is from the T54, still a one skill (79% 2nd skill) crew but the ones trained are: Sixth Sense, Snap Shot, Off Road Driving, Safe Stowage


Thanks in advance and apologies if the question is laid out bad. 

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The T-62A and t10 games in general is a lot less forgiving than the T-54 / Tier 9.  Your DPG isn't great, but isn't awful either and your win rate should rise.  Just a bad stretch.


how does the T-62a compare to the Obj 140 playstyle wise?

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You can't bully/brawl tanks as well as you could with the 54 so you really need to just abuse the DPM.

Quoting Garbad sometime in the past ~"If your gun is not on a target, move it so it's on one."

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