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AT7 8 kill loss - critique request

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Hello all,


I'm enjoying a stretch where I can play more than 1 or 2 games a day, and want to make use of it. 


So - I'd appreciate any and all constructive criticism on this match. It'd be easy enough to write it off as a bad luck loss, but I've got a feeling there is more than that here, and I want to improve both with this line of TD's, and in general. 




I'm thinking that taking a chance and killing the T29 before the Jumbo might have been the right move, but I didn't want to expose my cupola to anymore fire. Being wedged at the last got me killed though, so...


Thanks for any input. 

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Looks pretty good for the most part.


I'm not sure why you chose to go into the river after killing the T-150 though.

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Looks pretty good for the most part.


I'm not sure why you chose to go into the river after killing the T-150 though.


A few reasons;  

1. I wanted to get out of the SU-5's umbrella asap, downhill was the quickest/best way to screw up his shot.

2. Gun depression is lousy, not that the elevation is great either, but 50% more elevation than depression.

3. I needed to set up a trap, bridge seemed like a good choice; force them to root me out, and no arty worries.


What pathing would you have followed/where would you have moved to?

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Good push to kill the E2, IMO you spent too much time sitting on the open, i'd probably not push that far since your support was rather slim.


After killing the 150, i believe that you wanted to support the city, which is why you moved down,this however allowed to block the incoming fire from the E2 and T29 while you handled the SU.


When fighting the SU tho.. i'd add some notes

1.- Even tho you are using APCR, never understimate the power of the bounce, remember that even HEAT/APCR can bounce or do 0 dmg. Try to place your shots on weakspots even if it's prem shells.

2.- At the 7:38 mark you take a shot to the side of the tank, judging the way the SU angle towards you, shooting the tracks could have done damage and kept him tracked.

3.- At 7:32 you do the above, confirming that you could have done damage and perma-track him, leading to his death.

4.- Since you didn't keep shooting at the tracks for dmg, you wasted a shot and valuable time shooting the other track, IIRC 2 tracks or 1 track destroyed repair at the same rate.

5.- 7:22, your shot had a pretty bad angle, you could have shot the lower glacis, or that plate right above the track which looks less angled. Maybe even that area marked in red.


6.- at 7:12 you had a clear shot on the T29 which IMO was a bigger threat and a very easy kill.

7.- I think you should have never aimed up to the E2 turret since you were penetrating his front.


All this of course is much easier to think of when viewing the replay. You did still a good job.

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<lots of good feedback>


Thanks for taking the time to watch and critique in detail.   :thumbup:


Agreed on the time out in the open, rewatching it, it was a good thing the SU-5 was focused elsewhere at the time.

Good tips on the SU-100M1 takedown, thanks. Was probably more worried of the fact that he could pen my front than I should have been. Now that I've rewatched it a few more times, I can see two chances to take out that T29 that I missed, outcome probably would have been very different if I had. 


Thanks again, much appreciated!

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