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WN8 Implemented in WoTLabs

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Great.... I only just fckn Got Green overall and now WN8 puts me back to yellow.


and I was Purple 60d WN7... pfft so now i'm only a green player? its showing 1777 60d WN8?


Great... Neverwish, Expect me to knock on your door with a giant Meat cleaver... Kidding, maybe...


anyway, is it possible to show WN7 on Wotlabs still? maybe not on the sigs but on Wotlabs. itself. maybe take out efficiency? because lets be honest, who the hell uses that anymore?

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Oh crap no violet 60d for me... And I was so close to overall blueness. Seems like I am just a stat padder. Gj on implementing new metrics. No good job on keeping efficiency and not updating WN8 in charts. Maybe you could put one more chart to display WN7 too?

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