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OK - after being reasonably good at the AMX 12t (500 games, 52% w/r), I can't figure out why I'm bloody awful at the AMX 1375. It's quicker and has more hp but I'm having hard time with it. 


Setup (exactly what I ran on the 12t):

I have all the modules researched and mounted.



Camo Net






small repair

small first aid


Load out:

12 premium, rest AP



Commander: 6th Sense, Cammo (90%)

Driver: Cammo, Smooth ride (90%)

Gunner: Cammo, Snap shot (90%)


Any advice on load out?  


Play style - I try and take a position, passive scout and then burst out to clip someone. Sometimes I go for a quick run and then hide.


What are your general tactics with the AMX 1375 and auto loaders in general?


Maps I have a hard time scouting on:




If you can, please focus on high tier games - tiers 9 and 10. I do ok against tier 8s, 7s and so on.




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load either all gold(like me) or all ap.


but other than that i can't offer advice as i'm pretty bad at mine >.>

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My only advice, go through it as fast as possible to enjoy the 13 90 as soon as you can.


113,000 XP is a lot to get through, so I might as well learn to play it right. 8)


load either all gold(like me) or all ap.


but other than that i can't offer advice as i'm pretty bad at mine >.>


I barely shot gold in the 12t, so I shouldn't need much for the 1375.


It's a better tank than the AMX 12t (faster, more hp), and gets the same matchmaking. I might just be having a bad run, 0-6 (4 games in platoons).

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Boy, I really hated this thing until I started playing it exclusively during this awesome X2 XP weekend (to end the grind once and for all). I used to do my daily then stash it again til tomorrow. So first point is this: Play it a lot in one day. I find jumping into the scout cold turkey from say a Heavy or TD messed up my gameplay and style.


That aside, it started coming together for me when I loaded gold rounds. I went 18/18 split I think, maybe 6 HE. Either way, I would load up the APCR when I knew I would struggle to pen the target, even from the sides/rear. That was huge.


It sounds like you are passive scouting, I got a hell of a lot better at being patient, not firing my gun and simply spotting for team mates. The game starts for a scout 5-7 minutes into a match, especially so with this tank I found. Take shots if you feel like you can obviously.


I can post two of the replays I uploaded from my 13 75. The first one I got my mastery badge in on the Swamp. I got to an agressive position and was luckily able to make it work for myself and my team. I later took out soft/easy targets.


The second one I took my time, planned my run perfectly to get into the Mines doughnut/hill. From there I could spot enemy TDs at the base and snipe as needed. I avoided going after easy targets (which would have got me killed or made my spotting less useful) and patiently waited for my turn/chance to strike at the end.


Anyways, I went from wishing for the AMX 40 back to almost enjoying this tank by the end of my run. The gun is horrid, everything else is decent. Compensate with APCR rounds when needed. BE PATIENT.


As for city maps such as Ensk and Himmelsdorf?? MM got you, oh well. At least you were not arty?? I do what I can, but really, scouts will struggle on certain maps.







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I probably need to practice this. Also on timing my runs.


I also agree with you about playing lots of maneuverable / fragile tanks in a stretch.


The gun though I find is fine. I don't really go into a tier X games expecting to pen much from the front. I have upped my gold round load and I wont' waste time on HE. 


I think I got excited by the extra hp pool on the AMX 1375 and was driving like I was Bat Chat. or something.

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13 75 was amazing, 13 90 is even more amazing. Anyway load 100% gold, equipment used should be vents, gun laying drive, optics and play it as a mobile assassin or annoyance.

I finished the 13 75 grind in 115 games at a 63% WR 

Here are my replays in it in order of WN i think http://www.vbaddict.net/battlehistory.php?&tier=7&type=1&nation=5&age=60&uploader=antikondor&order=desc&sort=efficiency

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13 75's deadly because it has such a short reload time, which affords you a ton more flexibility in reloading between engagements. I played mine mostly at the time when it was a tier 6.

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i load 18/18/0 on mine, i like it so far, i did a couple of games so far. i usually only scout mid game, early game is just for wn8 farming and spotting farming imo

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The only quality of the 13 75 that I enjoyed over the 13 90 is the reload time.


The way I played the 13 75 was like a really squishy medium, since it didn't feel nimble enough to be a proper active scout and I'm too impatient to passive scout most of the time.  I'd basically roll around, if I spotted shit then great, otherwise I try to find a place where I can slip through and plant a clip in some heavy's rear, and then disappear for another 20 seconds.  It's not as effective at it as the 13 90 is, of course, but you can make it work.  And this applies to basically every autoloader light tank ever, but if you find it to be late game and you have a decent amount of health left, you can afford to take hits while going@doodz to kill them, unlike in the 12t.


I ran vents, GLD, optics, no coffee.  carried half and half AP/APCR, same as I do on the 13 90 now. 


Also, make sure if you're poking around corners or other hard cover, you stick your ass out first. Due to the rear-mounted turret, the engine is in the front of your tank, and thus you really don't want to be sticking that out since you have to expose more to get your gunsights on a target.  So go around corners backwards if you're in a spotting position, so you can quickly scoot forwards back behind the rock or building or whatever.  This applies to the 13 90 as well, perhaps even more so since you really want your engine to be intact in the 13 90.


Note for maps: These are what I do in the 13 90 and may not work as well for the 13 75 due to the lower speed, acceleration, etc.  I also don't have the minimaps pulled up in front of me as I'm watching the US game on the other monitor, so bear with me on those.


Cliff - I'm better from south spawn than I am from north, since in the middle area, south spawn has a flat area with bushes AND hard cover right in the center of the map where you can park and spot every single tank heading up the hill pathway from north.  Sit with your engine behind the rock and your ass/turret behind the bush, the moment you see guns turning towards you or a light tank gets spotted, pull behind the rock and stay there until sixth either goes off or doesn't go off.  If it goes off, just chill there or retreat to somewhere else as you'll start getting shot from the 3 line if enemy tanks make it around the donut.  North, idfk, I tend to poke the hill where you would normally turn off to get up to lighthouse, and then immediately retreat as you'll almost certainly be spotted and getting stuck up there due to an unlucky track shot will force you to burn your rep kit that you'll probably need later.  Another great thing about South spawn is that the opposite side of that lighthouse hill can actually spot mediums who are hugging the same rock from north, but there's bush cover between you and them so they won't know you're there spotting them unless they get in proxy range.  I'll try and find a replay that shows you what I mean.


Ensk - Sometimes I'll park at the end of the train yard to spot the opposite end, but for the most part I take lights into the field and spot what I can until I feel the TD's/meds/whatever else have a handle on things.  If they don't, then I break cover to clip out whatever opponent is on lowest health or most dangerous.  Once that's all in hand, I tend to go through the bases for arty and campers, and clean up town from behind the heavies if anything's left there.  Works for both sides, though field is easier to passive spot from north spawn because of that house with the bushes on either side around the D8 area.


Himmelsdork - Crapshoot.  if I start south, I tend to rush into the mid plaza and park in the northeastern corner to proxy spot anything that's covering tank alley.  I have my tank facing back towards the south so I can quickly jet forward, and the 13 90's gun is good enough that I can discourage any scout from rushing me to dig me out, either killing them outright or crippling them enough for my team to pick up the slack.  There's also a hole through the buildings where you can shoot people in the street on the other side of the wall, but it's extremely limited and they obviously will be able to shoot you back if you move to shoot them through it. You can also use the positions to proxy spot the people who like to camp the windows in the street, letting your team put shots into them or forcing them to play more cautiously than they otherwise would.  Just make sure you don't venture too far to the west, otherwise tanks on hill can shoot down at you and that's not fun at all.


Extraction from that spot is always difficult if there's windowcampers, as they'll be able to shoot you as you flee.  I'm still trying to find the balance between staying there long enough to be effective in keeping things spotted, and leaving soon enough to be able to help a side if it falls.


Again, I'll try and find some replays that I have for you, both wins and losses.  I'll PM you

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Thanks guys for resurrecting this thread. Some really good additional info.


I graduated to the 1390 about a month ago - and man oh man, good times, but hard as hell to get the Mastery badge.


The 1375 is still in the garage, It'll get my ELC crew in a few weeks once the ELC commander has 6th Sense.




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yeah i didn't notice how old this thread was, just that someone had posted two days ago.  Oops.


Also, first mastery mark on my 13 90, got dat ring on the gun now.

Best tank

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