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T-34-3 Advice


Before I begin, note that 1) I'm not that good at this game (see sig), but I'm fairly decent, and that 2) I have not played much Chinese or Russian meds- only got to tier 8 on Chinese line and eventually sold it. 


So I wanted a tier 8 perm, but the IS-6, KV-5, T-34, et al, didn't sound so interesting to me. The T-34-3 caught my attention since I hardly see it and I enjoy playing medium tanks.

However, no matter how hard I try, no matter how good of a game I have, I can't seem to win in this thing.


Here are my stats for the tank so far:




First thing to note is the 49% W/R. It's quite frustrating.

Next, note my less-than-desirable avg dmg per-game @ ~1600.


How I play it:

The poopy aim-time and accuracy make it a poor sniper, I learned that quickly, so I try to float around mid-range from enemy location.

However, the poor gun depression hampers this as well, forcing me to expose myself to get in a solid shot.

I use the speed and maneuverability to pop around a building, rock, hill, etc, take my shot, and pull back auto-loader style.

try to flank enemies, but many times the gun dep and long reload make this difficult.

I shoot mainly gold.


My loadout is Vents and rammer to help with the reload time and GLD to help with the aim time.

My crew isn't so great due to having played very little on the Chinese line; as of now I have 6th Sense + Recon @ 62%; Deadeye + Snap Shot 62%; BiA + Smooth Ride 61%; and Sit Awareness + Repairs 61%. 

Consumables are Repair, 1st Aid, and manual extinguisher. 


Thank you in advance for any advice/tips on how to better play this tank; I can't help but feel this tank has great potential, if only I knew how to play it... 

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I run all AP in this thing, because honestly the HEAT round on this tank is so bad it isn't worth the cost. The HEAT round pen just isn't strong enough, and the chances for lolderp into tracks/spaced armor for no effect are just too high. I actually do my best work in this tank on city maps. Something with a lot of flat ground to work with. I will straight up go city and play peek-a-boom. Use those pubbies to eat enemy shells and then abuse that alpha. Getting flanking shots on some heavies in a city environment is pretty effective with the mobility it has., however you have to be using your pubbie bait effectively. If they turn on you it can go sour fast.


Also, despite the bad gun handling, sometimes it's best to hang back and camo up. Even if you miss a whole bunch, landing a hit counts for a good bit so just try your luck at it and see, sometimes you will get lucky. There is only one thing this tank really excels at, and that is credits. Even though the shells are expensive, the credit multiplier on this thing is insane. One last thing, it works great in power platoons, with either other Types/34-3s in a wolfpack style, or with some IS-6s to just brute force people to death. You can also check in the Chinese vehicles area for the T-34-3 thread that Garbad started, there is some more good info from him and myself in there. 


Edit: Somehow I overlooked your crew and equip setup. VStab is a must on this tank. I'd throw out the vents for the VStab, and then keep the rammer and GLD, or you could swap the GLD for optics if you prefer. Crew I would recommend:


Com: Camo/retrain 6th, Camo

Gun: Camo, snap shot
Driver: Camo, smooth ride

Load: Camo/retrain safe, Camo


I'd also use the auto extinguisher since this is a Chinese tank after all.

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Thank you Sipher 351, I'll switch out my equip and crew and see how it performs.


And thank you Agamemneon, that Garbad post is perfect for what I was looking for.

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My trick with low/no gun depression tanks is to use small hill slopes to lift the opposite side of the tank so that your axis tilts towards your direction of fire. This will slight expose your tank, but it does allow to fire without cresting like a tard.


Reference: My adequate 121/WZ120 stats.

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