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WoTLabs TeamSpeak and In-Game Channel

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Yep, we now have a TeamSpeak server!
For a while we used the PBKAC TS, but since I didn't want to fill it up even more, I decided to go ahead and create a separate server for WoTLabs.
Right now it's very simple. A few platoon channels, a few TC channels and the main chat. And of course, the best channel of all, the AFK channel.
Server Address: ts.wotlabs.net
And for our in-game channel, which you can access through the Channels button on the bottom-left of the client:
Channel name: wotlabs
Pinning this.
Thanks Never!!
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Ok I am now starting the official Mic For Navy campaign. Lets all end the suffering in our ears. Lets all band together. End the pain. #Mic4Navy2014

I dont know how bad it is, since the Closest I got to talking with him was a Wotlabs TC where he wasnt playing or talking much.



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Well it seems I now have sufficient reasoning to download teamspeak.

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Truly a lifesaver, considering the state of Petco's TS server at this time of writing.

I haven't been on for a couple of weeks. Did it collapse under its own mass yet?

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next step is the WotLabs Clan






This has been discussed in the past. The conclusion was no because most of the wotlabs staff didn't really want to leave their current clans.

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