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T69 Replay - YouTube upload w/ video commentary

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Nice game Yerts! Somewhat surprising that the Prot didn't make any attempt to turn his hull once he saw where you were shooting from.

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Great game!

Your commentary got stronger as you went along, which tells me that I think you'll get pretty good at this with some practice.  Personally, I record commentary in 20 second increments because that's all I can do at one time without going full Tourettes.  So it seems to me to be a gutsy first video, but I think it worked well.

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Ya I think you could definitely aim your shots better.


Umm, I think you were very lucky with the proto fight at the end - not many of those shots are gonna bounce, even on your turret. This is because the whole line has no gun mantlet..... I think the better way is to minimize exposure. Shoot once, back off, shoot once, back off, and just dance around trying to get him to miss. That's what you did the second time around. Sometimes, you can even poke up deliberately without an intention to shoot. Like, intentionally expose just a very small bit of your tank (not enough to shoot). This gives him a choice - to take a low probability shot or not. You can often troll retards into shooting these shots.


Also, this one's more of a playstyle choice, but I personally think I can influence games much more when I'm in the action. Sniping from 600 meters has no presence. I personally feel that without any presence, it's hard to carry games. Think about artillery. It's traditionally very hard to get high winrates on artillery, simply because it has no presence on the field.

If I were playing the T69 that game, I would've shadowed the T34 platoonmate, and when he uses his turret to bounce a shot, I poke up afterwards and empty my clip and back off. If the T34 gets hurt too much, I can share health and take the shots and he pokes out later to shoot. This way, I think the north fight would've gone much more smoothly, and you would've lost much fewer tanks early on. But this is just my opinion. I feel sniping is the least influential role in WoT.


Lastly, I think it was really risky to continue to go up on the ledge after your 6th sense went off after you killed arty. As you go up the ledge, you are very much in the open without cover. He has seen you, so you should be hugging cover as much as possible imo.

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Thanks Kraft - I really appreciate the help.


No doubt Strey did not appreciate me abandoning her on that ridge. I've been (cynically?) shifting away from a flank/flex play style to sniping/attrition in red sea pub matches. I'm going to think about this.


I absolutely concede that my endgame with the proto was both luck (mine) and poor positioning (his) and I really should have owned up in that in my commentary instead of playing it off as (implied) skill.

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