Some time back, I ran a series of games in my Type 62. It became obvious to me that the player base was so used to suiscouts that they had no idea what to do when a scout was alive past the second minute, and was giving them lights. Several 900+ exp losses later, I decided to make a bit of a guide: 1. Patience, and spring the trap that your scout sets. Example: Highway, north spawn. I immediately state that I will be lighting the J/K lines, and move to a position where I can make good on that claim. Sadly, when the enemy blob appears, nobody is in position to capitalize. T28 is in D7, out of range to help north or south. The heavies and TDs have funneled into the city. They easily passed up 2-3k potential damage on the enemy. Damage that the enemy could not have responded to. Game ended up being a draw. Winning example: Redshire, north spawn. TC here, so a bit better coordination. Put my Luchs in a perfect position to light the enemy, and provided my team with unanswerable shots. Enemy blob at G5 is dead. They're covered from 3 sides, and are eating arti. Team did not need to reveal positions to take shots. I end up with over 4700 dud, and the team takes very little damage while slaughtering the enemy. Be patient. When you have a scout going passive in a spot that lights an avenue of approach, get yourself in a position where you can fire on what he sees. Free damage for you. HP advantage for your team. Everyone wins. Except for the poor saps victimized by vision control. Sometimes, you may have to wait a bit for the enemy to rumble into the trap. That patience will pay off. 2. Protect your eyes. Example: Fjord, east spawn. I manage a beautiful spotting position in C7 that reveals the northern field as well as E5 dip. Until a T44 closes in on me. 6 tanks have shots on him. Only 1 fires. I manage to bail out, but with severe damage, a burned repair kit, and a damaged rack. What could have been an easy game is only saved through the great work of our IS-4 and E4. Winning example: Highway, south spawn. I admit, I make a mistake here, and overextend with my Leo A. It's a good spotting tank, but I sometimes forget that most tier 3s can pen it with ease. The tanks that try to dig me out are eviscerated. IS-3 goes fast. Pershing tries to push over the hill, and is eaten. T-44 tries to back away, but it is too late. In thanks for that save, I repay the team with 5k damage, 3k dud and 5 kills. Suiscouts? Let 'em die. But if you see something approaching your scout's position, make them re-think their life choices. Keep those eyes alive, and they'll feed you damage, or find a spot where they can rush arti, or pick apart that fool heavy who ignores the little light that has gotten behind him.