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Swami will platoon with ANYONE through Jan 5th!

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Greetings and happy new year!


I typically do a TON of solo play (as I prefer it aside from tier 10 and even then...) but for the next few days here are my terms:


* I'll platoon with ANYONE.  Have a terrible WN8 and afraid no one will platoon with you?  Not me!  Like to 'protect arty'?  I don't care!

* I'll be playing tiers 6-10 for the most part.  I may do a handful of lower tiers during x5.

* Play however you want.  No pressure.  I don't care.  I won't yell at or berate anyone.


Info and stuff:


* I typically play from 8PM Eastern till whenever and am off and on.  During this weekend I'll be jumping on sporadically during the day as well.

* I don't do voice comms during the day but at night I'll be on SIMP teamspeak.  If interested and you have teamspeak, you can join me.

* I reserve the right to boot you from the platoon when I feel like it to accommodate other players waiting.


In game name: SWAMI_ (dont forget the underscore at the end)


After this coming weekend I'll go back to my solo ways and platooning with SIMP guys occasionally.  I won't take invites anymore unless we had some chemistry/yoloswag while playing.


PLEASE NOTE: During the day I frequently jump off/afk.  If I do accept an invite it may only be for a few matches.


ONE LAST THING: I don't do arty and don't like to platoon with arty.  If arty is your thing please don't ask to play with me.  I would consider it as long as it was tier 7 or lower.


I reserve the right to YOLO at any given time.  If you're a hothead or freak out after losing a few this is not for you.

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I've always wanted to be carried by a purple player, count me in XD


[i'll pay attention to what you're doing as a means to improve myself, hehe]


What is the IP/Pass for the SIMP TS?




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Swamii!!!  I'll platoon with ya brah.


Last time I played with you we were both in AOD lol.  Count me in.


I'm up for anything!  Should certainly be an eclectic mix for sure!

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Still looking for players that normally can't get purples to play with them.  Hit me up!


I'm still on the SIMP main WGLNA team though and we have matches and practice throughout the weekend so I'm gonna squeeze in what I can. 


I'm also planning on running my 'sheriff' account here and there.

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