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Alright - so this Dossier Tool looks really cool and I have tried for years (literally) to install this and get a look at per tank stats - and I have never gotten this thing to work. What is the deal? I just now tried to do it again, and failed again - how do people get this thing to work for crying out loud?



one example of a sticking point I have run into with it is this stuff:

%APPDATA%\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cache or


I do not understand the convention here and can find nothing resembling this in my directory trees anywhere...


any help would be appreciated

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%APPDATA% is telling windows to use your configured appdata folder for your user. If you open Windows Explorer and type "%APPDATA%" (without the quotes) and hit enter it will take you to the right folder for the user account you're logged in as.


For example, on my machine it references "C:\Users\(My Username)\AppData\Roaming".

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'Søg efter' is just Danish for 'search for'


hitting enter returns this:



From there just navigate to \wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cache\


Your folder structure will have some other name than Rune, it will be whatever your windows account is named.



Also copy pasting %APPDATA%\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cache  into the adress field will give you this same folder but all in one go.


there are several of these shortcuts, most windows users don't know about them though (not that they need to)



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I figured that with the % brackets this was some global variable, but for the life of me could not make sense of it. Thanks for the help! I am wrangling some info out of it now - seems I tend to die too quickly across the board :(


Thank you both though!

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'%' does denote a global variable, which is typically used in conjugation with the 'Run' prompt.


Viruzzz gave nicely detailed instructions, but lazy Servios would have just used the 'Windows Key + R'.

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I am rather fond of vbaddict, but like most stat tools, it just tells me what is already abundantly clear.  

I am very, very bad at tanks.   :P


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