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Best set up for a Ferdi

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Hi, I was wondering what the best load out was (Equipment wise) to put on the ferdi. I have everything researched except for the top gun. I have heard a mix of everything. My thoughts are to go Vents, Rammer, and Tele. Thank you guys for your ideas.

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You have to put a rammer, certainly for the top gun.


The other 2 slots depend on your play style, and the skills on the crew.


If you know what you are doing in a TD (you know view/camo mechanics and you can aim well), you can put telescope. You then vastly benefit from 6th sense (as in most tanks).


Vents are especially useful if your crew has BIA*. If no BIA, the effect of vents is small, and you are probably better off putting a GLD.


When you start crew skills, it is best to go for repair first. This to get out of broken tracks.


Once full repair, you can reset for 6th sense, and add clutch braking.

From that point on, you can consider going more to the front line, and attracting some fire. The casemate of the ferdi bounces quite some shots if you angle a bit between shots, but once you expose your lower half, you better be sure you can finish your victims fast.

Some crazy people use toolbox or spall liner instead of vents or GLD.

But overall, I would say to focus more on second line fire support, and not to take too many hits.


Whatever you do, don't put a camo net or train camo skill. It has close to 0 positive effect, as the base camo of the Ferdi is very low.


I run it with Vents, rammer and telescope; in combination with a 3 skill crew (BIA, 6th sense, repair on 4 crew members, clutch braking, view skills commander and radioman, some fire fighting to fill up).


*note that the usefulness of BIA is disputed. I took the advise long time ago when I didn't know better. It seems to work well for me though, especially in combination with chocolate, but several people have pointed out that BIA has little to no netto profit, compared to using more specific skills. You might find this thread interesting as well, on the sister tank (often compared to ferdi):



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A bit off-topic but I believe you made a mistake when you choose the Ferdi. You can have the amazing 12.8mm gun on 3 tanks these days: the Ferdi, the Jagdpanther II and the Rheinmetal.

  • The Ferdi is by far the slowest platform, turns rather badly which leaves it vulnerable to meds and scouts but gets decent armor in return. However that armor is mitigated by weakspots and useless if you don't manage to hide the lower parts. The Ferdi has awful camo and the viewrange isn't really good either.
  • The JP II is by far the most mobile platform. It is superb at repositioning, it can back up a mobile force and unlike the two other contenders it is good at getting damage during the clean-up phase since it has medium tank speed. Moreover, scouts and mediums have a very tough time against it since it is nearly impossible to circle. The armor is crap unless you manage to go hulldown since the upper structure is small, highly angled and well armored. Moreover half of that upperstructure is made up of the tough gun mantlet. Under those circumstances the JP II is a tougher target than a Ferdi and can pull off a steal wall.
  • The Borsig has an even better ROF than the two other contenders. It has no armor but one of the best camo ratings in the game. On top it has an amazing viewrange (I have pulled off patrol duty medals in this thing). The turret is a huge bonus since it allows to maintain camo while switching targets and it is a huge asset in tricky close combat situations. At this point the tank is severely OP (but I still don't manage to get the same winrate as in the JP II). It is even more vulenerable to arty hits than the other two TDs and unlike them has to avoid getting rammed at all costs.

My point: sell the Ferdi, get a JP II or even better start the other German TD line. The Ferdinand is not a bad tank but it is - at least in my humble opinion - by far the worst of the three platforms. Typical power creep victim.


If you insist on keeping the Ferdi: gun rammer is an obvious choice. Gun laying drive is very handy on a tank that turns slow, the gun laying drive will increase your chances to get shots off before targets leave your gun arc. Third slot is optional: binocs, ventilation, toolbox. I would probably use binocs but you will still get into situation where the enemy spots you first due to your atrocious camo.

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vents, Rammer, Gun Laying drive.  I play mine long range in the beginning of a map.  Use the decent accuracy and reload to get the easy damage without being seen.  Once the enemy begins to push I find myself turning into an ambush fighter.  What I mean for that is to find a position with good hull down and camo coverage.  I won't fire as soon as someone appears, I'll wait until they extend past the easy hard cover.  100% camo crew skill actually makes it a bit hard to see.  Now once they're in the open, fire, aim at the tracks.  Now the enemy finds himself too far from cover versus a well armored TD in a covered position.  He can reverse to cover taking a few moving shots but if you're lucky you get another damaging track shot on him.  He can rush you and try to use your traverse against you, but again, he'll probably take at least one more shot, hopefully again to the tracks. 


Back in the old days it was a tough opponent, but now with the JPII and the Borsig it's not really the preferred TD of the tier 8's.  Still one of my favorites though. 



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I went binocs, rammer, GLD on my JP2. If I had a ferdi, I'd likely do the same. I could see the argument for optics or vents instead of the binocs, depending on your playstyle.

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I run mine with a Rammer, GLD and Toolbox.


Rammer for obvious reasons, GLD because no vert stab and the reloads decent enough for 490 damage and toolbox because 5-6 second track repair is awesome.

That lets you TD it up in higher tiers, and escape single shot tanks at any tier. You can then brawl when top tier. Sidescrapings possible, the box is tough but there are those 20mm sections on the frontal hull that you expose.


Skills- repairs and clutch braking. six sense is a 'meh, if you want' attitude perk on this- camo isn't a big factor.

I still like this tank due to the wide gun traverse and good depression. Jagdpanther IIs good in its own ways, but I like my Ferdy still.

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Rammer and EGLD are no brainers.


Binocs is the right third choice. Why? Since the accuracy changes this game is all about vision/distant engagements. Close Range it's about not playing stupid anyway, a minor buff in reload time like vents won't increase your performance.

Binocs over optics because a) Ferdi has a pretty decent gun arc and you won't have to be moving as much as for instance in a Foch and b) it's base view range is kinda shit at 370m so binocs will help you level out the advantage your opponents have.

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