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[9.14.2] Rexxie's Mods (Discontinued)

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Modpack 9.7.1 Released


This update is on the larger side, but most of it was behind the scenes stuff. I also caved in and added autoaim indicator to the optionals, so now we can have fun autoaiming people through mountains and such. I've not tested the autoaim mod nor colorblind/alternate WN8 config, so please let me know whether these are working correctly or need to be adjusted if you're using them. ReCo's tech tree has still yet to be updated, but everything else is back!


Lastly, there is a donate option now. If you're silly enough to want to throw a few pennies my way, the link is going to be shoved into the bottom of the 2nd post (the one with the troubleshooting etc). Otherwise, feel free to ignore it - I'm not going to stop making this modpack until I quit the game, donations or not.



-Re-added YasenKrasen & Team HP Pools
-Updated PMOD
-Updated XVM
-Updated J1mb0's
-AutoAim+ added to Optional Files

XVM Config Updated:

-Updated login.xc
-Updated texts.xc
-Updated vehicleNames.xc
-Updated hotkeys.xc
-Updated elements.xc
-Updated battleResults.xc
-Updated minimapLabels.xc
-Updated hangar.xc
*Gold and Free XP now have a "lock", allowing the user to disallow the game from using these currencies.
*Ammo and consumables for new tanks now default to using credits to purchase, not gold.
-Added export.xc, tooltips.xc, minimapAlt.xc, sounds.xc
-Removed redundant ratings.xc

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Modpack 9.8.0 Released


Unfortunately, WG's system changes in 9.8.0 made a mess of mods, particularly old ones. Things like Zayaz damage panel currently have no updated version, so that had to be replaced. Let me know if the new damage panel is tolerable until zayaz' gets updated. It also looks like ReCo's Vertical Techtree has been discontinued, seeing as ReCo hasn't been online for a long time. There doesn't seem to be any options quite as user friendly as ReCo's installer, so that's a bummer. I'll figure something out.


Anyway, a small little release with a lot of stand-ins, as per the norm for mod breaking patches like these. Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.




-All mods updated to 9.8.0

-Reco's Vertical Techtree removed.

-Zayaz Damage Panel removed temporarily, replaced with "damage panel v.3"

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