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Heeelooooo everybody!

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Forgot to post here and after seeing this section, I though I need to post atleast something here.


Sooo, before I found this foru, I already had about 13k battles. After showing my defeat in Obj.704 with 8,6k damage and loss into some WoT channel, Private_Miros told me to post screenshot into Name and Shame thread. And since that Im registered here. 

I have over 2k posts in official WoT forum, but I dont think people recognize me in random anyways :D

Im trying to improve myself, but as I said, im playing kinda for fun and dont rush to look at my stats. Like I say "I just try to make damage."


So, in short, Im some random playererererer playing for fun (kinda of). I dont play heavy tanks as I tried them and found that Im big noob with them. Instead of bashing random teams with my noobness in them, I decided to stay away from them and not drag others down.

I have been playing WoT for over 2 years and I even have Tetrapack. Im also keeping all gift tanks because I dont know why.

Plus, I like beer (having one atm, finished another one few minutes ago).


Have seen some tonks in real life and, darn, they are so beautiful and detailed. 


Before someone asks/says, I dont play arty :D

I like SU-101. 501 battles in it and I can play it even after 20 defeat streak. Never felt so Free and Refreshed in any other tanks.

Also, I haz B2 and Type 59.


Aaand I haz unusual system to play on:


(probably will make thread about "what is this" later)


Until then here is something what I made in my free time.





Something to lift up someones mood or something:



P.S. I cant escape Walls of text for some reason  =( 

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Yeah, it was looking kinda unly too, because a shoe box isnt best thing to put it in.

So, to fix that, I bought PC case (it came with a bit more powerful PSU too and made wire-ergonomics better)

This is how it looks now:



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