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Testing the waters. 3000+ 60day/recent

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I just left my clan recently because I had been with them for half a year but hadn't really done anything in World of Tanks with it. I'm sort of just seeing who would be willing to take me in if I decide to try clanwars or a tourny team. Maybe I'll just try to find a place to get some solid platoons fun times. I have gotten offers from a handful of clans just from playing in game but like I said, I just kinda want to see who would be willing to take a complete novice in CW but isn't terrible at tanks. I do NOT plan on joining anyone like right this instant but I might get lonely in this coming week and feel the urge to join a clan again.


I've got mostly useless tanks for CW (since I decided to finish the brit tree first) But I do have the batchat, and CGC (but who wants a non specialized arty player?) I'm also something like 70k from my T57

I'm not sure if 8s are something for CW also, I cannot remember. But I'm at the IS-2 heading to the 110 and I'm at the KV-1s for the IS-3. I can re buy the T96 and am at the AMX m4 for the 50-100


Basically I've got shit for tanks but can grind to what I need in a month or two.






I'm not sure what else I might need to add to this post so I don't have to come back and edit it at a later date. Short story is that I'm not a moron (sometimes), I know how to shoot internet tanks, I have a lot of useless-for-clanwars tanks, and I just want a nice home with a possibility of trying CW or tourneys.

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If you're interested in CW we at FOXEY would love to have you. PM myself for inquiries, I'll be happy to answer any questions.

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Don't know just how interested you are in doing CW, but you know that we'd love to have you.



This.  Platoons are our focus, but we do CW on weekends, and there always seem to be tourneys going on and stealing my platoon mates  :serb:

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