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Navy's list of things to think about for new PC builders.

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Because I just completed my first build:

Do your research. I spent hours reading about cpu's, mobo's, memory, gpu's, and psu's. Pcpartpicker is your friend for a) parts compatibility; b) power requirements; and c) prices (though, retailers like fry's, tigerdirect are not there, so also use 

Despite the research I still failed wrt to my mobo as I didn' t verify that it could run 2 gpu's (admittedly, though, I will only ever have one) and didn't realize it had only 2 fan headers on it (excl the cpu fan). 

Watch mulitple pc build videos. This was key for me to observe how people who know what their doing orient their cases as they're working on them, use their hands in the case, route cables, etc. Made my build a lot smoother. 

I did take a lot of time on the case selection. Had one picked out for aesthetics but glad I waited. I got a thermaltake v31 modular case, ie, modular as in the sdd trays and hdd cage and 5.25" trays can be moved/relocated. Very helpful in laying out your build and cable mgmt. 

PSU - I made the mistake of buying a semi-modular psu. Mistake because now that I've built the pc in a windowed case, I have the itch to sleeve my cables. This will be a massive PITA with my current psu. Spend a little more (use to track prices) for a modular unit if you're doing a theme build or care about how it looks through your case window. 

CPU install... Yes, there should be some resistance pulling that lever handle and a lot of it. Push through it, but only after triple-checking that it's properly seated first.


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