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Good ol'T20 game

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T20, Tier 8 battle, Malinvoka

I head straight to the trench and start spotting/shooting. Magic

Abusing T20's near-godly VR and excellent camo values = 2730XP on a loss (1184 base)


WotReplays Link


NoobMeter Link



After battle screenies



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I completely suck in this tank.  I guess I need to sit back & utilize the view range & camo.  This means I should play this like my Panther.  Hopefully, I will get better now I have a small clue about the T20.

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The T20 is a sniper, a spotter, an exploiter, and a flanker. It's a very versatile little devil. The only real drawback is that the M3 90MM has a long reload time on the T20. The T20 gains much from being maxed out, with the right equipment and a well skilled crew.

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