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Looking for platoonmates to run mainly 7's and 9's with with a touch of other tiers around there.

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I generally go solo, but I don't get opportunities to platoon too much recently, so I thought I'd try here. I mainly play on evenings (EST) and pretty much anywhere on weekends. Please try to be at least green, I'm not particularly strong on the teaching/carrying part of the game. Most preferred would be someone who I can learn someone with, but I'm fine with someone at or a bit below my recent skill level. If you want to platoon with me post here or send me a PM ingame when I'm on.


Only problem I can think of is that I don't have a microphone. I don't yet have a tier 10, either.



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I'll be grinding my 122-54 later tonight, if you want. Just shoot me a pm/invite.

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Thanks for all the offers, I'll be sure to try to take all of you up on them at some point!

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