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I've had a rottweiler mix. She was 15 when I got her.


She was the sweetest dog, she would bark at someone like she was gonna do something to them.. then she would sniff you and just be a sweetheart from then on to people. She sadly, in her old age got arthritis in her hind legs and couldn't hardly walk, so we had to wrap a towel under her to help her walk out side. You could see she was hurting. My dad finally had enough (he had the dog longer) and took her to the vet to be put down.


RIP Roxy. Love you honey. 

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I've seen this picture floating around and I think it looks really awesome. Anybody know the exact breed?




That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  I must have a Horgie.

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Hmm need to take some pics, but I have two dogs that are Jack Russel Terrier x Poodle. Awesome little bastards, shed very little fur, and very friendly.

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So many choices. I've had non-standard pets as kid - ducks, silk worms, snails, then gold fish from here and there.


I've had ferrets. Two modes: coma and psychotic.


I had a few hamsters that lived with the ferret. The vet was appalled that we had both (ferrets eat hamsters) until I explained to her that the ferret was terrified of them. The first time they met face to face, the ferret got a face full of fur, sneezed, and ran away. After that, I could let the hamster out to run around, and the ferret would go hide in the closet until that fuzzy thing was back in its tank.

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Frankly I'm glad somebody posted a dog thread .... sick of cats


I've had mostly mutts.


A couple of purebreds.


I prefer females to males.  Less issues ... just get them spayed.


Miniature Schnauzer.  Very protective and smart, just a bad case of "short man syndrome".

Ours was named Pepper. 



Labrador Retriever.  Great family dogs, loyal and dependable great around kids.  Just make sure they have toys to chew when puppies and keep them busy.  Ours was named Jodie, we had to have her put down last year due to cancer.  She was 13 and 90 lbs and loved the water!!!  I miss her. 




Newfoundland. Supersize love, loyal, and gentle ... just think they can be lap dogs at 120 lbs

Ours is named Jackie she's 11 and 120 lbs. I'd get one again but they  are very expensive.



We got a puppy about 7 months ago, she's a Newfoundland/Retriever mix and looks like a supersized Retriever.

She's 8 months old and 75 pounds her name is Izzy and she has a paper towel fetish.


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My personal dog is a Black Lab/St. Bernard mix. Great dog, very freindly, low maintenance, but hes energetic (and rather low on the IQ scale) so he has to be outside alot. Being cooped up effects him more than having anyone to play with though he loves the attention.

Other than that ive lived with a Blue Heeler (great dog but him and my mix will go at it occasionally), a Chow Chow (loving dog though she annoyed the others hehe, cancer got her), and this yappy little rat my mom got.

Kind of glad im living in the city though, you dont realize how much dedication and time they can chew up until you live without them.

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The pug's name is Rocky


The black one is a pug/chihuahua named Rosie


I blame my gf for bringing these things into my life, I always had bigger dogs in the past.


And I have cats too...




Calico is Bella




This guy is Bro, and yes his ear is like that permanently

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I love dogs. Someday will get more. Two kids is enough for now.


Have had two black lab mixes in the past, from the pound. Amazing dogs. One, as far as we could tell, was a black lab/pit bull mix. So when she smiled she looked like she was gonna bite your head  off. But she had a great sense of humor (seriously), she could spell (my wife and I resorted to spelling certain words so that she wouldn't know what we were up to, but she'd catch on), she was the best frisbee catcher EVAR!!!, and she would open doors in my house using the doorknob, which honestly pissed me off at times. I miss both of them a lot, and they died years and years ago.


I'd suggest getting a wolf or cougar. Just let them loose outside 1-2 times a day and they will feed themselves. So your food costs go to zero. Great idea eh???

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Miss my little black puggy (10 years old now) so much. Me and my girl of 13 years split up last year and the pug went with her. Don't think I'll own another dog for a very, very long time after her - she was the dumbest, sweetest puppy to ever walk the earth.







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Every pug will forever talk like the one in Men in Black in my mind.


That is not a bad thing.  Nor is it a bad thing if you name a pug Frank.

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My dog, Lilli. She is just beautiful in every single way. So gentle, playful, happy, lazy and completely unaware of how big she is. :D  On the picture she is about one year old, and now she is two years old. She is a mix of Presa Canario and Staffordshire bull terrier. She is the size of a presa, and her heart is as big as of the two combined. :$  She LOVES cats, fishes, dogs, humans and everything living. Well, she is afraid of small birds. Stronk dog! When the youngest is older and moves out, I'm going full pack-mode, I'll probably get myself a Boerboel and a Staffordshire bull terrier.


Here she is as a pup, so gorgeous! :




With her best friend, Fluff.







Kindest eyes :$



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