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PLEASE HELP - Participants Needed for WOT Research Study

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I am conducting a research study for my doctoral dissertation examining the connection between playing World of Tanks and leadership styles. I need at least 500 participants and would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. I've created a questionnaire, so all you have to do to help is fill it out.

Some demographic questions are asked to help better understand any connections between playing World of Tanks and leadership, and while your username is used for coding the data, your participation will be anonymous since no other contact information is collected. Only aggregate data will be published in the dissertation and no data linked to an individual will be published, ever.

There is a full Letter of Informed Consent included below that lays out the specifics if you would like more detailed information. Please share this post and the link with your clan to help us reach the 500 participants we need. Here's the link to the questionnaire:


Thanks for your help!



By clicking on link below you are agreeing to participate in the doctoral dissertation
research study being conducted by Timothy Magner under the direction of Dr. John
McManus and you certify your understanding of the following statements.

*I understand that my participation will be anonymous and involve completing a 20-30 minute online survey about leadership and my participation in the online game World of Tanks.
*I understand that my participation in the study will help increase the understanding the connections between online games and leadership.
*I understand that there are minor risks to my participation in this study including loss of time completing the survey and potential boredom from lack of interest in the survey.
*I understand that I may choose not to participate in this research.
*I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I may refuse to participate and/or withdraw my consent, refuse to answer every question and discontinue participation in the project or activity at any time without incurring any loss or penalty of any kind.
*I understand that my participation in this survey will be anonymous, that the investigators will take all reasonable measures to protect my anonymity and that neither my gamer tag nor my identity will be revealed in any publication that may result from this project.
*I understand that the investigator is willing to answer any inquiries I may have concerning the research herein described. I understand that I may contact Timothy Magner at timothy.magner@pepperdine.edu or Pepperdine University IRB Chair, Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis at gpsirb@pepperdine.edu, or by phone at  (310) 568-5753 if I have other questions or concerns about this research.
*I understand to my satisfaction the information regarding participation in the research project.
*This posting serves as a copy of the informed consent which I have read and understand.

I certify that I am at least 18 years old and hereby consent to participate in the research described above by clicking on this link.



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You'll probably need to post on the main WoT forum if you plan on getting 500+ responses.




[Also, it's called username, not "gamer tag". This isn't xbox live.]

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I was glad to see that the actual questionnaire was less tedious than that legal nonsense in the OP. Also, I need to reconsider my life choices now I know you can get your doctorate by studying something WOT-related. =D

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Why would being good at world of tanks translate into being a good leader? There are so many differences between real life and the internet such that the problem solving required in WoT is completely unrelated to the problem solving skills required in a good leader. Also asking others to rate themselves qualitatively is probably not the best idea...

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uhhhhh sure, I'm the commander of a clan. Technically.


LEADERSHIP IS VERY HARD, ACTUALLY. I deal with a lot of insubordination now that I think about it. Like, a LOT.


Man, how the hell do you manage to keep 4 people in line (including yourself)? It's beyond me!

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