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What is "Tomato"?

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I have a win rate of 48,6%, so im a tomato too :( Shame on me! :thumbdown:


Well, actually you are not a tomato yet. You're black. Continue improving, and you'll become a tomato.


Then you can start improving further.

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Most people start out as tomatoes.  In fact it's pretty rare to see anyone with 3000 battles who is anything else because there's a fuck of a lot of information to process to start being good at making numbers come out of tanks.

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With the exception of Garbad, most everyone starts out life as a tomato.  With hard work, study, and practice, you can evolve into a potato (someone who can play better than a tomato but often doesn't), and then into some asshole green who thinks he's much better than he is and will tell you so.  Once you learn not to be an asshole (it doesn't matter if you aren't now, you will be at green), you turn blue, and then from there, assuming you learn the very basics of the game, you turn light purple.


The good news is that it's pretty easy to dig your way out of being a tomato by reading guides, studying maps, watching better players stream, and spending time on this site. 

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