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M46 Patton fanclub

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Yagsemash, chenqui for viewing this thread.


If you are interested in becoming a fan, please research and play this tank. Chenqui.


This tank is a good. I like very much. Its basically feels like the medium tank that can do everything. And it can, except brawling. But you dont have medium tanks for brawling. Heavies are for that.


Is M26 too slow? This tank is fast.


Is T20 bad at turning and shit dpm? This tank is good at both.


Very nice.


Zhen dobryi.

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I repurchased the M46 when the M48 line was up for On Track. Do not regret. It really is quite an attractive vehicle, much better than the ugly-as-a-bag-of-smashed-crabs M48. Gun may not be terribly accurate, but the tank is like a mountain goat and it spits out shells at an impressive rate. The top speed may not be the most impressive, but the ease of movement it exhibits is just so liberating. It's hard to go back to driving other vehicles after multiple games in the M46, having to wait to accelerate or turn or climb.

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It's my #1 played tank.


Much appreciate.

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How can you trash the T20?!


With the exception of the Ez8, Ive loved EVER tank on this line thus far! People kept saying the Ez8 is the way to go to learn how to play the T20 (Official Forums) and really the playstyles couldnt be more different in my eyes


That view range, that gun, that depression... Im so in love. I will be keeping every tank on this line T7+, no exceptions

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