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Reputation system changes

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We have changed the reputation point limits for the major user groups on the forum to promote you guys all giving + rep to good posts and guides that are worthy of it.
Guest/Validating/Registered User: +0/-0
Verified Tanker: +10/-1
Trusted/Purple: +10/-2
The reason for these changes is quite simple. We want you to use your + votes each day to ensure that great content, whether its tips, a guide, a question being answered. Good content is usually appreciated across the community, so the community should help us in identifying it.

I'm finding many many good poasts and guides around these forums have very few +1s (like say 4-5). Getting good guides, ideas, posts, etc a few +1s, which further motivates those good poasters to poast more is what I want to stimulate. Having only a handful of +1s means that most people constantly think "i wanna save that +1 for something really awesome" and end up never spending them on anything but someone owning someone elses face off in CR/D.

+ rep should be used to freely indicate that something is a good post, valued information, hilarious etc.
- rep should be used to identify shit posts, threads, users etc.
- rep should be more valuable than + rep
People should be encouraged to give + rep to gud poasts, and hold their - rep as precious and sacred for a shitpoast turly deserving of it.
At this point, the +s greatly outweigh the -s. This means that good poasts will appear gud, the bad poasts will appear slightly bad. Due to the disparity, users that poast gudpoasts will get more and more + rep. Users that don't post gudpoasts won't get much +rep. Neg rep will have little influence on the users overall rep given that + votes should greatly outweigh - votes.
Anyone with rep below 0 should then consider themselves walking on thin ice, and the moderators will be watching.

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So the system is official then, cool. Spamming +1's inbound




Lol allurai, did you break wotlabs with your 80% winrate?


Wow, didn't expect that. What a sealclubbing fool. I take it DPS is one of "those" clans in SEA?

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That's code for him raping you. 




*insert Ron Burgundy*


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I take it DPS is one of "those" clans in SEA?


What do you mean by that? I think you coulda made 2-3 more mouse clicks and figured out what you needed to.

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