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As you may have guessed from the title, I am going to be buying a new laptop soon.  It will be for general use, but preferably will be able to run WoT on decent settings with good fps (realistically, anything would be an improvement, as with my current laptop I run absolute low at ~30 fps, going as low as ~10 if I'm behind a bush D:).  However, I know woefully little about hardware (and I won't pretend to) so I am in need of some assistance.


Although I am rather ignorant of hardware, I knew that there were a few things that I wanted:

  • At least half a terabyte of hard drive
  • 8gb of memory
  • 15.6" display
  •  An intel i7

After some quick searching, I came to two laptops that generally fit the bill:  the Lenovo Y510P and the Asus Q550LF.

They both have 1TB hard drive, have at least 8 gigs of memory,  are not too expensive, but they differ in processor and gpu.


So my questions these are my questions:


  1. The Lenovo has a 4th gen i7-4700MQ and the Asus has a 4th gen i7-4500U.  Is there any appreciable difference in the performance of these cards?
  2. The Lenovo has a NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (SLI) GDDR5 2GB graphics card.  Is this any good?  How does it compare to other graphics cards.  Etc, just explain graphics cards to me.
  3. The Asus has a NVIDIA GT 745M graphics card.  Is this better / worse than the Lenovo?
  4. Some other laptops I've been looking at have a dual gpu.  What is a dual gpu?
  5. How does Asus stack up against Lenovo?
  6. Are my choices terrible?  Do you have any suggestions for me? (nothing over ~1.5k)

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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What's the primary purpose of your notebook? Gaming? Or work/uni/school?


If it's the former, I suggest you simply get a 2nd hand / cheap desktop for 100 - 150 bucks and run WOT with 60 FPS easily.

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1) 4700 = quad core, 4500 = dual core.  Processor, not cards.  For a laptop, I'd rather have 4500 for battery life.

2) Good for a laptop, which means it is pretty shitty.  http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html

3) Slightly worse the than Lenovo, still pretty shitty.  Close enough that WoT would run the same on both.

4) Typically a low power GPU which allows long battery life, and a good GPU which has shit battery life.

5) ASUS has slightly better build quality than Lenovo at any specific price point.

6) Yes.  Gaming on laptops is shit.

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I have the Y500, which is a slightly older variant of the Y510P. I've found it to be a pretty good laptop all around, plus it has the option of adding a second GPU if you so desire.

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The i7 in the following looks like about the best you can get for a gaming laptop, supposedly it turbos at 3.4 Ghz.

I'm also a fan of the GTX 770 as a powerful card at an affordable price.







1,689$ I'd personally spring for this one..comes with a good GPU+a nice size SSD, and a 17.3" screen.






This is most likely exactly what you wanted.

1,099$  GTX750's x2 in SLI should be equivalent to a single 780 or better I would think.  This is probably the best laptop for the money, it also has a hybrid HDD setup that would speed up the HDD.

15.6" screen.




All of these should play modern games on ultra at 35+ FPS depending on how well the game is optimized.

I advise you read all you can on proper care of the batteries though..it's just like a motorcycle certain thing's degrade the life of them.

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