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I'd go ahead and try it out! If it was normal vents I'd kind of question not using optics, but I think bounty vents + food gets you where you wanna be. Of the two tanks, I think the T9 E-50 should be even better with IRM. It has better gun handling than the E-50M just because its slower (so losing vstab doesnt hurt as much) and I feel like it needs that traverse speed even more.

E-50 is great. E-50M is bad. I don't think either of these two things will change. The turret buffs aren't substantial enough to compete with the powercreep that's going to continue at T10 (and even continues in this very same patch). Even between the two, you still have a T10 that's a copypaste of the T9 with a couple turbochargers built in.


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