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Ammo Spankin' - Roided IS3 Edition

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A long time ago... in 8.8 (I think) I was playing some tonks, when suddenly a wild IS-3 challenges me to a fite, yo.

Hilarity ensues.

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he probably had xvm set to show tank WR, so a 56% in your 1s

Yeah, that's what I figured. 52% is still better than avg, even though I'm a 54% elevated bad nowadays.

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Almost died when I saw "No ur team did"; I hear that shit ALL the time.

Haha yeah it's true. All spotting done by me, and team only got 1 hit in other than me (afaik).

They'll use any excuse they can find, and "ur team did" seems to be at the top of the jar.

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HAHA thats funny.  Nice video making skills BTW.


Thanks, When I have a good moment I like to do a little editing to make it a wee bit better.

(I'd love to do more stupid stuff but unfortunately my editor is extremely unstable, and it will crash if I do too much.)

Love your theatrical use of the camera angle slant 


10/10 would bang 

Ja, Ze angles are verr important! (Didn't work exactly as I wanted, but it still came out alright)

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