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Good day, fellow nerdlings.


Big update just dropped!


After almost 5 months Warfarm received another major update last night (EU). I post this without having tried the patch myself but considering DE's track record and after having a quick glimpse at the forums I'd say it is at least as broken as all previous major patches. Expect lots of Hotfixes today and tomorrow.

The patch is so massive that I'll just post the short version:

New Quest: The New Strange
Work with Cephalon Simaris to find the source of a mysterious voice. Something is out there, and it is hunting. Work with Simaris to track it down and discover its true nature.

New Warframe: Chroma
A master of the deadly elements, Chroma can alter his damage output by changing his energy coloring.
That's the guy in the image.

New Mission: The Law of Retribution
Tenno are out for vengeance, and Grineer Councilor Vay Hek has nowhere left to hide. Hot on his trail after the assault on Relays during Eyes of Blight, the Lotus will guide a precision strike force to hunt down and put an end to Vay Hek once and for all. Be wary Tenno. Numbers alone will not protect you when diving into the heart of Grineer military power.
This is a mission for up to 8 players - Warfarm's first raid if you will.

Conclave Syndicate, Teshin, and Cephalon Capture
Cephalon Capture is our latest PvP game mode available on the Conclave Console in the Liset, and with its arrival come a slew of new changes to our existing PvP system.
This is the new PvP. It's restricted to certain Warframes and weapons to create a balanced environment.

Simaris and Sanctuary
In the cradle of space on Tenno Relays across the Solar System Cephalon Simaris has constructed a Sanctuary with the goal of eternally preserving all life. But Simaris needs your help, Tenno. Using Simaris’ advanced Synthesis Scanner you must track down unique targets to scan in a Codex shared by Tenno all over the world, and help unlock exciting new lore and Syndicate rewards.
This guy is basically a neutral syndicate you can earn reputation with for unique rewards. I think.

New Enemy
Grineer Manic-
Dashing in for quick strikes before falling back to the shadows the Grineer Manic is difficult to catch, and deadly to ignore.

New Mods

New Weapons

New Stance

a shitton of additions, changes and fixes
.. and probably equally as many new bugs.

Full patch notes:


I'll be online again next week and playing on evenings (EU).


On nom nom warfarms!

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I think it's been a full year since I last played wurfrums: It was pretty fun but the grind is retarded and DE literally has no idea how to run a decent cash shop, plus it annoyed me to no end that Scott would ignore everything he was told and balance shit by nerfing everything fun instead of buffing two unfun things. What good is a dev in your clan if he doesn't listen, despite that literally being why he was planted there by Steve?


Mod hunting also gave me nightmares, it was Chinese browser game chances of getting the shit you wanted. Maybe they changed some of that in the last year or so?

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I don't really feel any reason to go back in and play. The last time I did anything worthwhile was a month ago. Solo'd a tactical alert where it was interception with enemies lv. 120+.

Here's a video of someone doing it. 


Basically decided to do it myself just to do something badass. Big pics incoming. 







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So I played the game for 2 and a half week now I think, powerleveled myself up to MR 8 in Earth Excav Dark Sector while progressing through planets up to jupiter, getting a Trinity, only to have Trinity Prime the next day :doge: (got lucky with random void pubs I joined and got the helmet, chassis, and system dropped, bought the bp for 15p) one day met a random that ends up helping me unlocking planets except Eris and ends up spamming Draco node in Ceres until MR12.

So far Frost is bae and Broberon is hella fun to mess around with in pubs (atm its 4th skill got 2.1k damage, need to crank it up to 2.7 somehow, having Fleeting expertise makes all of his ability very spammy which is really nice since it strengthen his Jack of All Trade role of a healer/CC/Tank) . Trinity feels overpowered in the way it acts as a support (providing 100% instaheal in a button press and unlimited energy with my current EV build). Vauban is useful in defense againsts infected since they don't shoot and vauban can render them suspended in air which mix well with a fast nova to fasten the boring cryopod babysitting. Banshee with resonating quake is the new Saryn, and Ash being an ultra cheese frame with its 4.

Wondering when the tonkor is going to be nerfed :doge: and Redeemer (gunblade, melee n dual barrel shotgun in one)  is such a bae, atm its pellet can do 4.6k impact damage alone, placed blast and corrosive in it and just shrekt any enemy in a shot. 

Also, no one told me about Focus after 2nd Dream quest which ends up with ne picking the gimmicky Unairu :feelsbad: while I can use Zenurik more since it can provide energy regen. 

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7 hours ago, Politx_Killer said:

You are as bad as @ForkUrEyes


I jump on just to see what the sorties are atm. Cbf doing survival/defence sorties, i just need another 500 or so r5 fusion cores to max out some mods. Fwarken.

Pls am newbie, teach me :ohnyes: and stop having ur pc potatoing

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On Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 11:42 AM, ForkUrEyes said:

Add me in game fellas. Same ign. 

Its a trap :frenchy:


Ive been playing too much arma 3. Rip my free time (plus working 70 hours a week)

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7 minutes ago, Lockhart77 said:

No, still soon ish for War Within. Forgot to mention The Index kind of out now, so if you want new event mods, there's that :doge:@Politx_Killer

Still playing Tanks, so no warfarm for me in the near future. Ill play again when the war within comes out

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