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Minecraft Thread

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Exactly.  The towers are there merely to support the wall itself.  The wall can function without towers, towers just provide additional pylons.

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This is the Story of a Minecraft Creation I Began Years ago and Need Your to Help Finish


So about when I was 13 (I am 16 now) I played Minecraft a shit-ton. I used to spend hours playing the "Minecraft Hunger Games." I don't know if that is even a thing anymore but back when it was I was inspired to start this project. I was going to make a massive Minecraft Hunger Games map. I worked on it every now and then for over a year but I never finished it. Now it has been months since I have even logged onto Mincraft, let alone built anything. I really just don't have the time/interest in the game at the moment to finish it but don't want my hard work to go to waste. Would any of you be interested in helping me finish it, so I could post it? I would of course credit you as one of the creators, if I did post it to PlanetMinecraft or wherever. I would really appreciate any help finishing this years old project.


Map Idea - A sort of Fantasy/Steam Punk/Medieval Island


Basic Screenshot of Central Area:




There is way more to the map than what one screenshot can show, so here is a ZIP of the whole world.




Some old videos of me building a few of the more basic elements of the map (Cringe Warning - Please Mute Audio)




Hobbit Hole






Balloon House


Custom Trees

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Some time ago, my nephew pointed me toward the "Steve's Galaxy" modpack.  When the CGC went on track, I figured the time was right to supplant WoT with MC.


I really like the concept of this pack.  World is a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  No vegetation that I've seen.  There are some trees around for wood, but they have no leaves for food/saplings.  There are day zombies.  Most mobs spawn with a bit of armor or an improved weapon.  This makes for a very dangerous world that's hard to get started in.  


A lot of the large scale, high convenience items are gone.  No quarries.  No compact solars/windmills.  Overworld is subject to meteor strikes and massive tornadoes. You start in a small underground bunker...


But it also has Galacticraft, which allows you to fly to the moon/Mars/asteroids.


It's taken a lot of time, but I've managed to create a pretty secure overworld base that's tough enough to survive meteor strikes (except comet kitties...)  I've got enough power generation to keep a set of nano armor charged.  Haven't been able to get enough ender pearls to automate power generation.  I'm using lava, and need to bring it manually from my nether pumping station to the base.  Endermen can be hard to find, since so many other mobs spawn.  I just managed to get to The End, though, so I should be able to farm up enough pearls to setup resource shipments via Tesseracts or Ender IO.  


I've also managed a small moon base.  Couple benefits of being on the moon:  Much less meteor activity, oddly enough.  Much longer day/night cycle.  I can work for a long time before needing to hide from/deal with enemies.  And most importantly, no constant tornado activity.  Overworld twisters had ripped away my first few attempts to farm, but I have a nice crop growing on the moon.  I've found enough eggs in abandoned villages/cities to bring chickens back, and as soon as I can build proper oxygen supplying devices, I'll have a lunar chicken farm.  Oh, forgot to mention that there are no overworld animals...


One last interesting bit:  The pack includes the archaeology mod.  I've managed to create a couple dinosaur eggs, but my first few have met tragic ends.  Might need to try again, or set up a lunar dino ranch!

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Hi!  It's your friendly neighborhood Dlur here to necro this thread.  The reason I'm necroing this thread is that Tanks is still awful and my favorite Minecraft modpack just released a major update.

Favorite modpack:  InfiTech2 (HQM/GregTech5u Balanced Hard-Mode Pack) is now at version 3.2, which was just released this weekend.

Official Public InfiTech2 Server, where I play with a group of InfiTech2 buddies and my son :)


InfiTech2 is one of the most carefully balanced mod packs I've ever seen.  It's balanced around GregTech 5 unofficial, which is regularly maintained by BloodAsp (not GregoriousT) and the pack includes a ton of other great mods such as Thaumcraft (plus many ancilary mods for this), Railcraft, IC2 Experimental, Steve's Carts, Applied Energistics 2, GalactiCraft, EnderIO, PneumatiCraft, GenDustry/MagicBees, Hardcore Ender Expansion, Forestry, and many more.  

There's all sorts of techy stuff:




Oh, and there's also explosions:



The pack is difficult and has enormous breadth and depth.  It's not something you can finish in a few weeks and there's enough content to last months if not years.  

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There's some things I'm not super excited about, but playing on a team makes those bits go away.  So far it's honestly quite well balanced and thought out.  Got quite a few hours logged into it and our tech rush team (old veterans of infitech2) already slayed the ender dragon (no small feat with hardcore ender expansion) and we're ramping up for medium voltage now.

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Tried to get into InfiTech 2, and while I do like the pack more than Resonant Rise 2, I just cannot deal with the framerate issues.  I have better fps on starcraft 2 on ultra graphics than I do with InfiTech on minimum.  The final straw was when I learned the hard way that fighting two skeletons and a zombie on half a frame per second is literally impossible.

Apparently my infamous and never ending battle with Java claimed my Minecraft hostage.

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You are definitely right, man. Minecraft is a great game, and it has a lof of benefits. I am playing it together with my son, and it's better than anything. He is so happy! I have created a server special for us, hosted on www.ggservers.com, and it's very nice! Now I can be with my son and play games at the same time, and that's super cool.

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